Important reasons why you need to improve your poor posture to avoid..

Important reasons why you need to improve your poor posture to avoid..


How many times have you been told to sit up straight and not slouch both in school and at home? It isn’t for pleasure that you’ve been told to sit upright, it’s for your health. A good upright posture is extremely good for health and contributes to a string and sturdy spine whereas slouching can cause you a world of problems.

Poor posture can cause several health problems concerning the heart, your head, spine and digestive tract. It can lead to degenerative spinal disease too. Here are 6 reasons to improve your posture.

1 Poor Digestion

Due to sitting all day at work or school, we tend to slip and slouch constricting the major part of our body inhibiting the free movement of food within our digestive tract. Constriction can lead to stomach problems because of flatulence and indigestion.

Poor Digestion

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2 Poor Posture Causes Back and Neck Problems

But besides this it can lead to degeneration of the spine and cause neck problems such as sponydlitis because of the strain on neck. Slouching leads to weaker bones.

Poor Posture Causes Back and Neck Problems

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3 Poor Circulation

A major factor of good health is influenced by a healthy circulation system where the free and uninterrupted flow of blood carries oxygen to various organs of the body. Slouching slows this down and reduces the efficiency of circulation. Poor circulation can cause spider veins, swelling of feet and various areas and also pigmentation.

Poor Circulation

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4 Stress Anxiety and Depression

This is a simple experiment. Slouch for a moment and record how you feel. The sense of constriction also constricts your mood. Now sit upright and now observe how you feel. Poor posture has been proven to increase stress and depression leading to poor self esteem and lack of confidence. Poor circulation and strain on the heart causes stress both physically and emotionally.

Stress Anxiety and Depression

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5 Persistent Headaches

Due to the pressure and strain on the neck, your head in turn is affected resulting in migraine and headaches. Headaches impede your focus and performance and can affect your daily life in negative ways.

Persistent Headaches

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6 Tiredness and Fatigue

Because of the strain and constriction on your body and reduced flow of oxygen, your entire body may experience a sense of tiredness and fatigue. These are the ways how poor posture can affect you in negative ways .These are the major reasons to improve your posture. So what exactly can be done about the problem? Well here are some ways how you can improve your posture.

Tiredness and Fatigue

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7 Observe your posture in a mirror

Take a good look in the Mirror. Do you stand upright or notice a slight slouch. Perfecting your posture in the mirror is a good way to start improving yourself. A good posture will distribute your bodyweight evenly over your feet.

Observe your posture in a mirror

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8 Sit upright in Your Chair

Bending forward causes you to start slouching without you even noticing it. While sitting, your back should be upright against the chair to avoid curving your spine. While driving your headrest should support the middle of your head so you won’t have to lean forward to reach the brake and accelerator.

Sit upright in Your Chair

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9 Sleep Posture Is Equally Important

How your sleep is extremely important. Most people like sleeping on a soft mattress and high pillows. That’s really good for your back or posture. A firm supportive mattress is necessary for spinal support. Sleep on your back which prevents curving of the spine.

Sleep Posture Is Equally Important

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10 Walk With Shoulders and Hips in Alignment

To maintain and improve your posture, your hips and ears should be in perfect alignment. Your head should be drawn slightly back as if being pulled up by a cord. Never walk with your hands in your pockets as it moves your shoulders forward.

Walk With Shoulders and Hips in Alignment

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11 Use a Proper Chair

Using the wrong kind of chair while at work can easily cause you problems of posture. Your chair should provide you ample back support. When leaning against your chair always push your lower back inwards.

Use a Proper Chair

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12 Avoid High Heels

High heel like stilettos are always bad for health. They push your entire body weight onto your toes which is extremely bad for health. Flats and low heels are best. Abiding by these ways to improve your posture will surely keep you in better health.

Avoid High Heels

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