A Brilliant lesson taught by the speaker using balloons

One can get a lesson from anything existing on Earth – from a small ant, seed, or mountain to even a balloon; you can get a lesson from anything if you want to learn. A seminar is also a great option to gain knowledge and guidance from an expert and experienced person. Recently, a seminar was attended by a group of 50 people. After giving a lecture about feeling good and how to manage finances in a better way, the speaker suddenly stopped and decided to do a group activity in which nobody expected to learn such an invaluable lesson.

Continue reading to know about the lesson.

1 Group activity

After giving an interesting and motivational lecture on feeling good and finance management, the speaker suddenly stopped and decided to do a group activity. He started giving each individual a balloon. Once everyone had finished and tied the necks of the balloons, he asked everyone to write his/her name on the balloon using a marker pen.

Group activity
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2 The room

Once everyone had finished writing their names, the speaker asked them to put the balloons in the adjacent room. So, 50 balloons with names of the participants were randomly thrown into the room. No one had any idea what the speaker was trying to do.

The room
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3 Ready, Set, Go

After a few minutes, the speaker told the participants to find their own balloon within 5 minutes. Everyone present in the room started running in circles colliding with each other and started making noises, but after 5 minutes no one has achieved the goal.

After a few minutes, the speaker asked the participants to take only one balloon, find the owner, and give the balloon. Within 2 to 3 minutes, everyone present in the room got their balloons back.

Ready, Set, Go
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4 Lesson

The speaker then explains, everyone is looking for happiness all around without knowing where it is. This activity showed that our happiness lies in the happiness of other people. Always try to be a reason for someone’s happiness and you will automatically be happy as well. This is the main objective of human life.

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