Weird and funny family photos even more awkward than yours

It’s the season of thanksgiving where the Turkey will be chased around till it lands on the dinner table. It’s the season to be jolly too when shopping and Santa and Christmas dinners are the highlights of every family or are they. What could be funnier than these family photographs which will make you think again if you thought your family photos are awkward? What would you call these?

1 Eyes on the birdie

Isn’t it tough getting kids to pose, well pose he did with his eyes on the bird?

Eyes on the birdie
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2 Turkey time

And this dad makes it obvious where his turkey is headed.

Turkey time
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3 A truly welcoming pic

But did you need to show your tom cat’s balls off?

Holding the cat
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4 Okkk now this is weird

Yet to figure out what to make of this, certainly isn’t a Johnny Depp look

Johnny Depp look
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5 Ok this kid needs therapy

Or is he too spoilt.

kid needs therapy
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6 Ohhh Gross

Well every family has their own way of wishing you a happy holiday card, does he need to do a full Monty.

Family photo
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7 Generation Gap

Awesome comparison of 25 and 55

Generation Gap
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8 She loves her dinner

Photo be damned this is great food so I’m hogging it.

She loves her dinner
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9 I hate photos

And so says the dog with the demon face.

dog with the demon face
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10 Save money have a photo get together

Cool way to have a family get together with photo frames, virtual reality.

Tabs on table
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11 Baa baa Baa baa Black sheep

Not hard to guess the odd man out. Now do you still think your family photos are awkward?

Black sheep
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