8 Humorous things that you never could have noticed before

8 Humorous things that you never could have noticed before


There are many people who wander around the earth with their heads in the air but on the opposite ends of this spectrum are those with a unique sense of observation under whose nose nothing goes unnoticed. Keeping in mind such a factor, here are 8 humorous things not noticed by you before.

1 I spy on Toblerone

A bear on the logo of toblerone. Did you notice this before? Bet you didn’t.

I spy on Toblerone

Image Source: www.20minutos.es

2 Was the nineties really 10 years ago as suggested?

Well the magazine says so but that isn’t entirely true now is it

magazine says so

Image Source: www.nattstad.se

3 Did you ever notice the shoe marks on Jerry’s door

Among humorous things unnoticed by you, this is an amazing one. Although you may be a hardcore fan of Seinfeld, did you notice the shoe marks made on Jerry’s door made each time Kramer makes a wild entrance.

shoe marks on Jerry’s door

Image Source: www.imgur.com

4 Now this is weird

Even if you Photoshop Katy Perry’s face onto Paula Dean, it still looks like Paula Dean. That is not just weird, it’s absolutely amazing, and could Paula dean be her doppelganger?

Katy Perrys's face

Image Source: www.diply.com

5 The weird description on Old spice

Although that’s an imaginative description, there are those who would still emit body odor despite of a dollop of old spice.

Description on Old spice

Image Source: www.amazon.com

6 May the force be with you?

Look at Harrison Ford’s face; he is the only one with a happy and angry expression at the same time.

Look at Harrison Ford’s face

Image Source: www.redditmedia.com

7 Michael was the best

But that isn’t an award hanging on his wall to justify that in his stint in “the Office’, it’s a certificate of purchase of a watch. What did you think?

Michael was the best

Image Source: www.diply.com

8 Mind blowing Huge Cheerio boxes

Did you ever notice these before? Everyone loves Cheerios but this is definitely one of the humorous things unnoticed by you, how did you miss these?

Huge Cheerio boxes

Image Source: www.imgur.com

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