What goes around comes around. 12 Instances when karma got sweet revenge

Not everyone is a saint and though we may be human beings with umpteen faults, we do get wronged a number of times. It is such times that we wish for justice. They say Karma is a bitch. That’s true because what goes around comes around and ultimately you pay for your actions. Here are 12 instances when karma gets revenge. It caught up with smart alecks in the most comical way possible. The wronged no doubt laughed last but laughed loud.

1 When crap got real watching this in the toilet

What happens when you go for your business and see this in the toilet? Either you explode from beneath or it plugs you up.

no toilet paper in the toilet
Image Source: www.imgur.com

2 Don’t be a show-off everyone reads literature

And Facebook is the best platform to shove karma in the face of a smartass

Facebook post
Image Source: www.funcage.com

3 Now this is truly poetic justice

My mobile was stolen fourteen times, but I guess this girl got the ultimate prize to get back at the retard who stole her phone. She actually posted on his behalf.

poetic justice
Image Source: www.answcdn.com

4 Modern day stockade

Don’t steal from Wal-Mart unless you’re prepared to do this. The modern version of a mental stockade. However many sites criticized the punishment as cruel.

Modern day stockade
Image Source: www.gawker.com

5 Revenge is sweet

Now this is what you call revenge served up hot. As they say hell hath no fury as a woman scorned

Revenge is sweet
Image Source: www.vecernji.hr

6 And another example of a woman scorned

Don’t cheat on your girlfriend or else such things are tame compared to what else she can do. But on the other hand, serves him right.

washing playstation
Image Source: www.nowaygirl.com

7 Men too throw tantrums

And boy!! What a tantrum this turned out to be, no dunking playstations for this guy, he instead thought up a novel idea to get back at her.

Men too throw tantrums
Image Source: www.twimg.com

8 Don’t steal from big brother

Especially if he happens to be a computer nerd likes this.

Don’t steal from big brother
Image Source: www.sarotiko.gr

9 Don’t mess with big Momma

And if you do then this is what is liable to happen to you as her dork of a womanizing husband found out

Don't mess with big Momma
Image Source: www.bildschirmarbeiter.com

10 This is classic

The funniest example of how karma gets revenge. Don’t cheat or who knows what she’ll chop into firewood next.

how karma gets revenge
Image Source: www.imgur.com

11 Be considerate in the parking lot

Or else suffer the consequences because there is always someone there to teach you a lesson.

parking lot
Image Source: www.buzzhand.net

12 Instant Karma gets you

When you least expect it, karma gets revenge. Don’t try to hurt others or your pranks will backfire against you.

Instant Karma
Image Source: www.diply.com