6 Photos that will tickle your funny bone to the max thanks to perfect timing

Since most of our articles are serious or informative in nature, We thought to lighten the mood in this new year and have brought for you, 6 well timed photos that will definitely tickle your funny bones to the max and fill you with happiness.

1 This woman will be pissed off

Well there is nothing better than having to just lie down in the sun and soak in the warmth of the sun rays. This woman also seems to be doing so easily in her bathing suit and in her backyard, but this gentleman seemed to have some other ideas and decided to pour a bucket of water on the unsuspecting lady on the ground. The oblivious lady has the most innocent expression on her face.

woman will be pissed off
Image Source: www.redbuzz.fr

2 What is that?

This pic is the reason why googly eyes are the best invention ever. You can clearly see a silhouette of a cat sitting possibly on a window ledge and her shadow is formed on the carpet and some wise crack decided to put googly eyes on the shadow and this masterpiece photo was taken.

Cat shadow
Image Source: www.kienthuc.net.vn

3 This is called perfect placement

Well on the first look even we were surprised to see the face of dog and hands of a human, but on the second look, we saw the reason behind the first impression, perfect timing of the photographer makes us see the face of the dog instead of the girl behind the dog and illusion is created.

This is called perfect placement
Image Source: www.zabaka.ru

4 Yay!! Water

When you go to concerts and if you are a girl with friends, there will be someone putting you over their shoulders for you to enjoy the concert more. There is also the possibility of a jerk in the crowd throwing a glassful of water/alcoholic beverage right at your face and this picture captures the beauty of the moment just before the target is hit.

Image Source: www.funnyphoto.eu

5 Head in hand

Beaches are the best canvas to take perfectly timed photos and this illusion of a baby eating the head of a human is the great example of that. Evidently, the baby was just munching on some tasty Doritos and the guy in the distant behind the baby just was positioned for the perfect opportunate moment to click this picture.

Head in hand
Image Source: www.postjung.com

6 Miz and his mustache

We all know that wrestling is fake, yet we love to watch it as sometimes it give us highly humorous moments like this one. In a match between Santino Marella and The Miz, the positioning of Marella’s arm and the tattoo of a mustache on that arms gives the illusion of the mustache on Miz’s face.

Miz and his mustache
Image Source: www.topibuzz.com