8 Photos you have to look closely in the background to get what is happening

8 Photos you have to look closely in the background to get what is happening


Photo bombs happen when something interesting happens in the background while you take a photo. It can be a person falling down, people making faces and whatever may happen. But sometimes things in the background are more interesting and you need to look closely in the background, like in these 8 pics.

1 Wow that’s a lot stake

Well you can see in background of this photo in which this cute couple is giving the oh-so-cute smiling faces picture. The guy in the background has both of his hands full with plates of sandwiches in them and suddenly out of nowhere his jingle bells are being attacked by an innocent kid and the look on the guy is of pure shock and confusion on whether to save the food or the jingle bells.

plates of sandwiches

Image Source: www.wp.com

2 Not so adorable couple it seems

Well all adorable couples love to take lots of pictures of themselves to remember how much in love they used to be before marriage. But in this photo, the lady in the background gives the honest opinion about couples who take pics everywhere.

Not so adorable couple it seems

Image Source: www.izismile.com

3 Well we all have someone weird in family

Well cats are cute and make an awesome subject to photograph if you can get them to sit in a place or pose for the photo (which is surprisingly difficult given that they are uber lazy). Well here in this picture, you can see the weirdo of the pet family getting in the picture for some action itself. Look closely, that thing will murder you in the night, with its cuteness and goofiness.

cats are cute

Image Source: www.diply.com

4 Perhaps the greatest photobomb ever

This has to be the best animal photobomb ever. The actual subject is the black lab, but this husky takes upon himself (or herself, though we doubt a lady would do such thing) to make the photo more interesting. The eyes, the tongue out of the mouth and the goofy smile makes the pic uber adorable.

greatest photobomb ever

Image Source: www.push01.com

5 Wedding photobomb

Well this will happen if you decide to have your wedding photoshoot at the beach. Beach is the heavenly adobe for people to roam topless (more men unfortunately). This may also have been a staged photo, but the guy in beach shorts and for some reason drinking yogurt at beach makes the pic memorable.

Wedding photobomb

Image Source: www.diply.com

6 In love with oneself

If no one likes you, let them be that way, the most important thing is to love yourself and this kid in the background of the pic, kissing himself in the mirror is the epitome of love thyself. Also the girl holding the photo frame is super cute and looks incredibly like the girl in the advert in the frame.

In love with oneself

Image Source: www.twimg.com

7 Myth busting photobomb

If you don’t know, the person in the foreground is Seth Rogen, who is well known for his comedic chops in Hollywood. The people who are photo bombing him in the background are the myth busters presenters Adam Savage and

Myth busting photobomb

Image Source: www.kn3.net

8 Jamie Hyneman

This one goes to the pigs

Well children can be expected to do the unexpected at the most inappropriate moments. Here this child makes the pig face while this guy/girl tries to take a cute pic of her/his friend. Epic photo bomb.

Jamie Hyneman

Image Source: www.diply.com

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