8 Photos you have to look closely in the background to get what is happening

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4 Perhaps the greatest photobomb ever

This has to be the best animal photobomb ever. The actual subject is the black lab, but this husky takes upon himself (or herself, though we doubt a lady would do such thing) to make the photo more interesting. The eyes, the tongue out of the mouth and the goofy smile makes the pic uber adorable.

greatest photobomb ever
Image Source: www.push01.com

5 Wedding photobomb

Well this will happen if you decide to have your wedding photoshoot at the beach. Beach is the heavenly adobe for people to roam topless (more men unfortunately). This may also have been a staged photo, but the guy in beach shorts and for some reason drinking yogurt at beach makes the pic memorable.

Wedding photobomb
Image Source: www.diply.com

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