7 Year old get severe burns after using toilet at school when his mom hears why she’s fuming

We love our kids and will go to all lengths in order to keep them safe and sound. But there are some places where we can’t have any control over our kids and one such place is the school. Kids basically have lot more freedom for themselves in schools. But horror stories of negligence by schools and stories like superglue on toilets can come true and in this instance a 7 year old boy suffered terrible pain and suffering due to sitting on a school toilet. Read on to find the whole issue.

1 The woman and her son

horrific ordeal
Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

This woman and her 7 year old son just went through a horrific ordeal just because her son used the toilet in his school washroom. The woman and her son’s name have been not released as the matter in sub judice. The incident happened in Cambridge Ontario’s Stewart Avenue Public School, when this 7 year old boy came back from home with red colored rashes on his butt and back of the legs. He told her mother that the rashes were burning and when the mother checked, it looked like sunburn rashes. But the rashes started to form blisters and water began to ooze out them by the second day. The boy was unable to wear any pants for 11 days and missed 2 weeks of school due to second degree burns on his legs caused by strong chemical reaction. “The first couple days were really, really, really bad,” the mother, who chose to withhold her name, told a local news channel. “He couldn’t go to the bathroom without putting a towel on the outside of the toilet seat so that it was soft on his bum” she concluded.

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com