Awakening the 3rd eye Is the biggest Secret Kept From Humanity!

Awakening the 3rd eye Is the biggest Secret kept from Humanity!


The mystical concept of the third eye has long been a subject of discourse in various ancient treatises and tantric scripture. Even certain esoteric Buddhist works advocates the concept of the third eye. Meditative practices and rituals relating to the opening of the third eye is a metaphorical symbol of enlightenment.

If you are that person who believes that life is beyond just materialism and there s more to experience on a spiritual and mystical level then this will possibly help you to understand the concept of the awakening of the third eye.

1 The third eye is an awakening of astral body chakras

The awakening of the third eye can be described as an invisible eye of perception which one experiences on a higher level of consciousness. Mystical and tantric rituals in Hinduism refer to the third eye as the ‘AJNA’ it is one of the Chakras whose awakening unleashes enlightenment and ab evolved state of being. The third eye is also referred to as a gateway to inner realms of consciousness.

New age spirituality regards the third eye as a higher form of enlightenment with the power to perceive images of highly spiritual significance. The third eye is also related to the art of clairvoyance, religious visions, the ability to observe auras, chakras and out of body experiences. Those who have claimed to have experienced the opening of the third eye are referred to as seers.

The third eye is an awakening

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2 The third eye according to various mystical traditions

In eastern esoteric traditions the third eye as mentioned was called the chakra or Ajna and is regarded as the upward progression of the Kundalini towards enlightenment. Theosophy provides a more acceptable scientific explanation. Famous theosophists like Madame Blavatsky have stated in writings that the third eye bore a direct relation to the Pineal gland which was a dormant organ residing in between the two hemispheres of the brain.

Theosophy regarded that he third eye had the power to perceive minute particles of mater such as quarks which gave the appearance to the practioner as visions or material manifestations enshrouded in 3D patterns and woven patterns of color. The third eye is also widely accepted in Taoism where various exercise involving Qigong postures are attributed with the ability to open the third eye. Mystical Christian traditions attribute the third eye as a metaphor for acquiring deeper insight akin to those of the mystics.

The third eye according to various mystical traditions

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3 A firsthand experience of the third eye exercise

A person by the name of Pellian made a startling disclosure on the above top secret website. Pellian claimed that after observing a technique for several days, his spiritual perception increased to the point of having visions and dreams. He was able to perceive different colors and shapes even after closing his eyes. His continued practice even gained him the ability to see woven patterns and attract astral forms and entities.

It shocked him to experience several unexplained sensations as well as perceive entities who tried to use his own heightened consciousness as a portal to the real world. Refusing to attribute such experiences to hallucinations as he definitely wasn’t on drugs, Pellian warns not to trifle with such practices and one should not even pay attention to such entities trying to materialize during the process. The meditation should only concentrate on one’s own consciousness and sense of being.

third eye exercise

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4 How to open the third eye

According to Pellian, the awakening of the third eye was a kind of 3D mirror allowing you to experience sensations and faces from past lives that one may have lived during the cycle of reincarnation. At one time he also noticed a distinct blue light and the manifestation of feathers falling around him.

If you are interested in gaining a higher perception of life and experience an evolved plane of consciousness, then practicing the meditative exercise of the eye as outlined by Samuel Sagan is a first step in the right direction. The book is available online. Watch the video of the third eye explained.

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