Colombian farmer discovered 6 Hundred million dollars buried on his land, guess who it belonged to?

Colombian farmer discovered 6 Hundred million dollars buried on his land, guess who it belonged to?


Pablo Escobar!!! Can anyone forget the name of the most notorious drug lord in history? Despite of his death in 1993, he still made headline news all over the world. In 2015, he was once again in the news for reasons not his own. Reports circulated throughout South America that a farmer found Escobar’s money buried on his land. Sounds amazing or too good to be true?

Named Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria, the Colombian drug lord amassed an obscene amount of wealth from his drug manufacturing and smuggling cartel. The ‘King of cocaine’, Escobar was responsible for smuggling 80% of drugs reaching the US.

1 Escobar’s empire was worth $50 billion

Escobar’s infamous Empire was valued at almost $30billion in the 1990’s. If you include money stashed away on different parts of Colombia then peg that amount at $50 billion which made him the wealthiest criminal in history. At the peak of his business, Escobar was pumping 15 tons of cocaine in the USA every day. His rubber bands alone cost $1000 every week just to hold cash.

Since our good fellow Pablo had so much cash what exactly was he to do with it. He owned 800 luxury mansions, sports teams, various businesses in Colombia and even donated billions social programs and charities working for the poor in Colombia. Wonder if he fancied himself to be a Robin Hood. His money was buried in various safe places including on land which he owned. It so happened that part of this land in government hands was transferred to a poor farmer who while tilling his land got the biggest shock of his life. You can well guess by now what it might have been.

Escobar holding football in hand

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2 Meet the farmer who found something amazing

This is Jose Mariena Cartolos. Stock pic or real this is what was reported all over Colombia. This poor 65 year old farmer was issued a grant of $3000 to cultivate palm oil on land he supposedly owned and which had been in his family for decades.

Jose Mariena Cartolos

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3 He found a blue drum buried on his land

One day when digging up soil he discovered a blue drum. When he opened it he may have almost got a heart attack because inside were bundles of cash neatly stashed in plastic bags and held in place with rubber bands. The sum of money? A whopping six hundred million dollars. This farmer found Escobar’s money!!!Yet he turned it in!! One wonders now why exactly would he do that, well of course he’s honest no doubt but wouldn’t you be tempted to keep at least one bundle for yourself as a souvenir?

blue drum buried on his land

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4 Is there still money buried in parts of Colombia?

When the farmer turned the money over to the government, was he rewarded?? BS!!! He didn’t get a penny. The Money was linked to Pablo Escobar whom the government suspects of having buried money all over Colombian land similar to the poor old farmer. It was reported that the money was used for social service work in Colombia.

Well, good story right? Some claim it real, some claim it false but whatever it may have been, the report about this farmer finding Escobar’s money went viral and was fun anyway. But the fact that Escobar’s money is believed to be hidden in parts of Colombia is a big possibility. So if you happen to be there get your pickaxes and hoes ready, who knows what you may find.


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