10 Common behavioral traits we display everyday that is yet a mystery to science

10 Common behavioral traits we display everyday that is yet a mystery to science


Modern day humans have been around for just 200,000 years despite of earth being almost 4.5 billion years old. Evolution is a miracle no less and although scientists are constantly making new discoveries concerning us humans, there are still some common traits displayed by humans that are yet to decipher entirely. Such behavioral traits influenced by our senses may have their own scientific explanation but most are still a matter of debate whether scientific reasoning is yet to reach a conclusion. It goes to show how humans are a fascinating species with evolutionary behavior that is still a mystery to science. Here are ten examples of common behavior unexplained by science.

1 Dreaming

Science is yet to explain the phenomena of dreaming. Although the physical aspect attributes dreaming to REM or rapid eye movement, what causes REM to induce fantastic dreams of a varied nature? What causes man to dream of his teeth falling out or turning up at work naked? Sigmund Freud theorized dreams as the unconscious symbols of a mind craving its innermost desires. I’d like to think that dreams are symbolic interpretations of our innermost fears too.


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2 Blushing

Darwin felt that blushing was the most peculiar behavioral trait of humans and wondered what was the need for such a bodily symbol of distress. Science is yet to come up with an effective explanation to blushing.


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3 Memories

Memories are man’s greatest treasure and yet we get amnesia due to a defect in the physiology of the brain. Scientists are still puzzled as to the working s of the human brain that can store memories like a computer. Research studies at Montreal University found the fascinating fact that memories can be altered each time we remember them just like neuroscientist Karim Nader who was sure he saw the first plane attack on the morning of 9/11 when images of the incident were broadcast only the next day.


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4 Kissing

What makes us kiss when we feel attracted to the opposite gender? It could be considered bizarre yet it seems so pleasurable to us. While hugging and mating our natural evolutionary traits, what makes humans want to put their tongues into each other’s mouth and exchange saliva? That actually sounded weird. Surprisingly though, it has been found that kissing even releases endorphins so it’s a good thing too.


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5 Intuition

What gives us gut feeling or sixth sense? Some look to spirituality and religion for an answer while others depend on intuition. Surprisingly though some people are really good at it. Is it some psychic power or just a heightened ability to analyze ones situation taking the possible behavioral responses of others into account and making a correct assessment.


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6 Yawning

Yawning is particularly weird. It doesn’t really serve any purpose unless you’re farting out gas from your mouth. One theory suggests that yawning is a way to cool brain temperature which was somehow proved by a study by a professor in Albany. Yawning is also contagious, how is that?


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7 Mood Swings

What causes us to be grouchy one moment and happy the next. What causes women’s moods to be affected by conditions of PMS or menopause. Is is due to our hormones going haywire or is it external influences like alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes and the like. Science is yet to pinpoint the reason for mood swings.

Mood Swings

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8 Laughing

This could well be the best behavioral trait good for health. Laughing can make you live longer but what propels us to laughter influenced by something funny. Plausible theories such as those put forth by neuroscientist Robert Povine of Maryland University suggest that tickling might have initiated the response of laughter. The grunting and groaning noises made as a response to tickling may have evolved in to the HAHA as we know it today.


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9 Nose Picking

A disgusting habit no doubt but some people actually love digging their nose and making little balls of it. Too much nose picking can harm you by spreading bacterial infection and worm larvae. The term digging for gold and clearing boogers can actually damage your septum.

Nose Picking

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10 Pain

Why do we feel varied degrees of pain? Why is it that humans all have different thresholds of pain? That is something yet to be explained by science. As per a psychology and neurology professor at the University of Colorado explained that “There is no clinically acceptable way to measure pain other than to ask a person how they feel.” Although the level and intensity of pain can be measured by brain scans, the actual cause is yet to be figured out.


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