Could this fascinating glass tree house be the house of your dreams??

Almost every one of us has dreamed of living in a tree house as kids. The joy of being perched high up in a tree with just the bare necessities is exciting and enthralling. However, the dream of a tree house isn’t just attributed to kids anymore, where tree houses around the world are being constructed by renowned architects in a bid to woo people back to nature. But!! All these come at a price especially when you see this particular glass tree house design that will simply blow your mind.

1 A Space Age Style Glass Tree House

This tubular glass paneled tree house has an immaculate design that borders almost on the space-age while taking you back to nature as a dwelling in the forest. This splendid tree house was on the verge of becoming a reality when renowned Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov chalked out the design for rich investors to woo people to live amongst nature without having to destroy the surrounding fauna. However at the last moment the scheme was abandoned.

A Space Age Style Glass Tree House
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