This is how a dad taught his rude son a lesson for slamming the bedroom door on his Face


Teenage can give the jitters to most parents. One must give credit to the hype and fear created by other parents and of course media. The hormone spurts and bodily changes leave most teens worried and embarrassed. Most may not share it with their parents for the fear of being ridiculed. However, when not dealt with properly, teens can get really aggressive and end up throwing tantrums quite often. Here is how one dad taught his rude teen son a lesson for slamming the bedroom door on his face a couple of times.

1 Punishments should be creative for them to be effective

Now this teen was being quite aggressive with his dad. Slamming a door many times cannot be taken lightly. Unlike other parents, this dad did not punish him in the usual way. No, there was no time out and no physical punishments. Instead this dad set about to create a new way to punish his son, which went viral in the social media sites recently. While most parents would think of getting the whole door removed to cut down on the child’s privacy, this dad went a step further. Wow, look at what he did!

Punishments should be creative

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2 Look at How this dad used Creativity to Punish His Rude Teen

What do you see in the above picture? This is the picture that this teen’s brother received from their mother shortly after the flare-up between dad and his brother.

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Can you spot what is missing in this picture? Go on, take a peak from close and can you find the hinges? No you can’t. For there is no door here! And when this picture was posted on face book, there was a mad rush of teens sharing their experiences on punishments.

Look at How this dad used

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3 Punishments need not be cruel

This dad’s creative work amazed his teen who appeared baffled on seeing his new bedroom door. One that cut out his privacy looked funny and served to be of not much use. This clever dad made sure that his turbulent teen would never act aggressive again, wondering what his dad might come up with in future.

Punishments need not be cruel

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4 Punishments are given to Impart discipline

Taming a teen requires patience and smartness. Anger and punishments can only create more chaos in the already prevalent din. Setting an example to your teen that, reactions of parents need not be tit for tat is very important.

Punishments are given to Impart discipline

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5 Parents do not get anxious!

So all you stressed parents of troubled teens out there, get creative in your punishments. This way your teen will learn his lesson in violence free way. Most importantly, if you dish out creative punishments, not only will your teen sober down but will also learn the importance of discipline.

Parents do not get anxious!

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Have you thought about the respect you would gain from your surprised teen? This would certainly not be in line with what he would have expected from you. His tantrums would slowly taper down and he would be able to deal with his problems in a better way.

And who knows, it could result in a new relationship between your teen and you? A bond cherished for a lifetime.

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