A mom finds another stranger posing as the mother of her son on facebook


While social media and the internet can help people do a world of good, earn money and gain employment, it can also be used for criminal activity too. The latest antisocial trend bordering on near psychotic behavior is digital kidnapping.

The most dangerous aspect of such a phenomenon is that the victims are children. While some digital kidnappers do it for the emotional pleasure and satisfaction, others may be having more sinister designs. Lindsey Paris found out her son was a victim of digital kidnapping.

1 She was scared ad shocked to find her son’s photos online

As parents, you need to monitor your children’s presence of social platforms like Facebook. Lindsey Paris was shocked one day to find pictures of her son on the internet. What scared her was the fact that she had never posted such photos. Somehow a stranger had accessed photos of her son and was posting pictures of the boy claiming him to be her own.

This was a digital kidnapper at work where the woman would post photographs with captions saying, ‘he had a stomach upset today or calling him ‘My baby’ and ‘isn’t my child really cute’. Lindsey was almost petrified. Here was a woman actually claiming to be the parent of her son. It was almost as if she was taking over virtual ownership of Lindsey’s child.

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2 Someone was role-playing ‘baby’ with her son

The woman was actually an adult playing house with Lindsey’s son. It was then Lindsey began panicking. She had to do something. The woman began posting comments along with the child. What was even more dangerous as the fact that people in her friends list believed her and were responding?

This was a clear case of digital kidnapping. It was the same as role playing using real children belonging to other people. Not Just Facebook, such criminal activity also includes children pictures from instagram and other platforms of social media.

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3 A dangerous and criminal trend of the virtual world

What’s worse is that you could see quite a number of people indulging in such behavior by typing # Baby RP. From teenagers having fun and playing pranks to adults with devious intentions. It isn’t east saving victims of digital kidnapping. One fast food employee managed to save a baby after receiving an alert on her phone. In Lindsey Paris’ case, she just stumbled on photos of her son and was sure lucky she did.

The woman was role-playing with her son even commenting “Oh, I hope he starts teething soon”. Paris then contacted the woman who immediately apologized and removed the posts. Although Paris was lucky, other parents aren’t so fortunate. There are several hundred children as victims of digital kidnapping. Sharing this article is one way to generate awareness against this dangerous trend of social media. Watch the video.

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