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Megan Torio has led an inspired life which has seen her battling with obesity, abusive ex-boyfriend and an accident that would have bedridden any other mortal. Even the doctors had told that she was paralyzed and will never walk again, but this woman had one thing that was neither broken nor paralyzed and that was her strong will and what she did with that will, will inspire you whenever you find yourself down and out.

1 The accident that ruined her life

Megan Torio before and after accident

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One a fateful day in June 2010, Megan Torio was shoved from a truck driving at 65 mph by her abusive boyfriend after an argument. The now 38 year old Megan suffered some life threatening injuries including a broken spinal cord, sliced labia and other numerous broken bones. Doctors at the hospital were surprised to see her still breathing after being thrown out of the moving vehicle. But they had their work cut out for them, as the broken spinal cord had left Megan paralyzed from waist down and she had also suffered injuries to her private parts. Before the accident, she had lost 100 lbs through hard work and was on her way to become a fitness model.

backbone -x-ray

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2 The intense rehab and workout

spinal cord operation

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Doctors took 18 hours to repair her broken back, which included a rod inserted to keep the spinal cord in line. They also took some skin from her back to reconstruct her labia and Megan says, “They took skin from my back to make me a new labia, and you would never know in a million years I’d had surgery there. I had 15 stitches put in and was swollen for a fortnight. I was told I would never walk again.” She slowly started her way back to a normal life despite doctor’s grim report. She started intense physical therapy in order to regain her strength in order to ditch the wheelchair and starting to walk again. She had to face lots of insecurities in the gym as there was no one to cheer her as she attempted to bring her life back on track. Gradually she met a kind man in named Rod and both liked each other and Rod was ready to work it out with Megan after knowing her condition.

Megan Torio in the gym

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3 The final result

Megan doing workout in gym

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Megan went to their first date on the wheel chair, but ditched the wheelchair in order to use a cane to show Rod that she could tough it out despite pain. But Rod proved to be more understanding and caring and supportive than she had thought. After a full year of rehab and strength training, Megan has started to walk on her own, proving to the doctors that nothing is impossible. Her private parts have been healed and she has got her libido back and married Rod. The pair got married in March of 2012. She also got the good news from the doctors that she will be able to have children naturally and she is looking forward to expanding her family. She said that she has shared her story to encourage others to battle through and show the unexpected is possible. “Miracles aren’t handed to you on a silver plate, you have to work for them,” she said.

Megan went to their first date on the wheel chair

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