The strange and mysterious fish this fisherman catches in his nets will shock you

The strange and mysterious fish this fisherman catches in his nets will shock you


The mysteries of the deep yet remain elusive from mankind but every now and then the oceans and seas throw up hints of their elusive nature. Marine species both bizarre and beautiful have frequently found their way into the nets of deep sea fishermen. Roman Fedortsov is one such person who works on a trawler operating from Murmansk in Northwest Russia, throughout his career as a fisherman he has photographed and recorded strange creatures of the deep caught in his nets.

1 Scabbard Fish

The Scabbard fish looks straight like a demon from hell with glassy eyes and dagger shaped teeth.

Scabbard Fish

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2 Frilled Shark

This is a strange looking eel with scores of serrated teeth. Considered a living fossil, it is one of the most primitive surviving shark species on the planet.

Frilled Shark

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3 Strange looking fish

Here are two of the strangest fish caught by Fedortsov. The one of the right has just one eye and that too in the weirdest position on top of its head.

Strange looking fish

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4 Jet black fish

Their coal black color could be a preventive trait against predators.

Jet black fish

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5 Macrourus

Also called a grenadier, this fish that seems all eyes can be found deep in the Arctic or Antarctic oceans.


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6 Chimaeras

The Chimera is an elusive and mysterious fish found only in the deepest recesses of the ocean at depths of 8500 feet, however sometimes they may venture up for food. Also known as the ghost shark, the chimaeras branched off from sharks 400 million years ago and it has eyes that glow in the dark.

Chimaeras Fish

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7 Lumpfish or lumpsucker

The Lump fish is also sought after for its eggs which make a goat substitute for caviar which is sourced from Sturgeons.

Lumpfish or lumpsucker

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8 Unidentified fish

Here’s a creepy looking fish with a transparent front that could easily qualify as the bizarre and strangest creature from the deep.

Unidentified fish

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9 The Onomatopoeic gurnard

These fish look like dragons because of their large pectoral fins resembling wings

The Onomatopoeic gurnard

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10 Another deep-sea shark

This deep sea shark actually has glowing eyes. Deeps ea fish live in darkness and hence adapt and evolve their physiology accordingly. Many of such species are blind and survive on their heightened senses of pressure and smell. Some also have eyes that are a 100 times more sensitive than the human eye.

Another deep-sea shark

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11 Fang tooth fish

This species has the largest teeth among all deep sea fish in the ocean.

Fang tooth fish

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12 Marine spider

Among the strangest creatures of the deep, the marine arthropod is deep orange in color and some can also be very poisonous. As bizarre and ugly these fish maybe, they are the most mysterious but living links to an evolutionary past and hence should be preserved.

Marine spider

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