11 Hilarious shopping fails that turned out to be real blunders

I’m sure by now you too have been bitten by the online shopping bug haven’t you? But have you ever faced bitter experiences that may actually be a subject of amusement for many? Well shopping blunders get so weird sometimes that you may well want to wring the delivery man’s neck although it’s not his fault. Take a look at these hilarious online shopping fails that turned out to be real blunders in the absolute sense of the word.

1 What You See Is Not What You Get

Hasn’t this happened to you at least once? This is the classic case of sexy and hot pictures being posted on that online portal telling you what a fantastic outfit this is and how it may make you the center of attraction, well if you do wear what you really get, you’re going to attract attention all right, lots and lots of guffaws and smirks.

This is what they advertise and that is what they actually send you!!

Online shopping reality
Image Source: www.twimg.com