11 Hilarious shopping fails that turned out to be real blunders

11 Hilarious shopping fails that turned out to be real blunders


I’m sure by now you too have been bitten by the online shopping bug haven’t you? But have you ever faced bitter experiences that may actually be a subject of amusement for many? Well shopping blunders get so weird sometimes that you may well want to wring the delivery man’s neck although it’s not his fault. Take a look at these hilarious online shopping fails that turned out to be real blunders in the absolute sense of the word.

1 What You See Is Not What You Get

Hasn’t this happened to you at least once? This is the classic case of sexy and hot pictures being posted on that online portal telling you what a fantastic outfit this is and how it may make you the center of attraction, well if you do wear what you really get, you’re going to attract attention all right, lots and lots of guffaws and smirks.

This is what they advertise and that is what they actually send you!!

Online shopping reality

Image Source: www.twimg.com

2 The Portable Kitten Tent

Well!! What is there to say about this one, it’s portable alright but they meant the word kitten literally, next time you read about a shopping portal description, a spade means a spade.

Portable Kitten Tent

Image Source: www.wpimg.pl

3 The Worlds Lightest Macbook

Oh Boy!! This guy may have been really excited with such high expectations. Well he got the lightest Macbook as promised; the only thing they forgot to mention was that it was on paper. This was from eBay actually.

The Worlds Lightest Macbook

Image Source: www.niveldenoticias.com

4 Teeny Weenie Bikini

Well teeny weenie it is, we’ll let the picture explain everything

Teeny Weenie Bikini

Image Source: www.vimka.ru

5 I Bought a Gift Rug for My Mom

What I got was this!!! Now that’s a classic case of CHECK THE SIZE before you purchase. Don’t be fooled by images. That’s what you call a real online shopping fail or should I say big time scam.

Bought a Gift Rug for My Mom

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

6 Mother’s Day NOT SO Surprise Package

In the words of this not so happy customer……

Surprise Package

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

7 The Perfect Deck Chair

She ordered deck chairs for her garden….AND AGAIN FORGOT THE SIZE….or do you really need to mention sizes for deck chairs, who the hell realizes they’re going the scam the crap out of you and send you deck chairs for a dolls house.

The Perfect Deck Chair

Image Source: www.livejournal.com

8 When Auto Correct Messes Up

This woman messaged her instructions for a cake and as you all know what spell check can do sometimes; well the cake company seems to have taken it literally and followed instructions to the letter.

Correct Messes Up

Image Source: www.wesydney.com.au

9 Truly a Portable TV Stand

This is what happens when you don’t pay attention to scammers, you get what you actually read about and there’s nothing you can do about it…if there’s no size mention, BUNK ITt!!

Portable TV Stand

Image Source: www.goingviralposts.biz

10 Marriages Are Made In Heaven, Your Dress Certainly Isn’t!

What she ordered for her wedding day and what she got, maybe the manufacturers ran out of white linen and lace. Bottom line: don’t order wedding dresses online or you too wil soon be on the list of online shopping fails.

Marriages Are Made In Heaven

Image Source: www.mundotkm.com

11 She Ordered Roses

And that’s what she got …spring onions!!! All because the store took it upon themselves to think of a fitting substitution due to lack of roses,ever heard of dahlias, petunias, marigolds, lilacs, daisies or other damn flower for that matter?

She Ordered Roses

Image Source: www.diply.com

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