10 Ways to Search Google for Accurate Results That 95 of you dont know about

10 Ways to search Google for Accurate Results that 95% of you don’t know about


Google search is vast and varied to provide you several relevant results in a single search but sometimes it may not throw up a search relevant to your desired topic. There are ways and means of how to search Google which not many people know about. Take a look at ten such ways to search Google for information.

1 Learn To Use Either and ‘or’

You may have forgotten certain terms to search an article or a piece of information vital to throw up the desired search result. But this doesn’t need to pose a problem,. Apply a few variations to your search and then separate them with the ‘I” or with an “or” just like you see below. Simply choose the best result.

Learn To Use Either and ‘or

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2 Use Synonyms

The English language is rich in synonyms. This can be convenient when researching online. When searching for websites on a given subject add the ~ symbol to your search. EG: healthy ~food will yield results related to healthy eating, recipes and dining options.

Use Synonyms

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3 Search within Websites

In order to share an interesting article from a website but you can’t seem to locate the article, simply type the address of the site, insert a keyword or phrase from the article and it should come up in search instantly.

Search within Websites

4 The Asterisk

The asterisk symbol is powerful enough to find whatever we may be looking for. Just use the asterisk symbol in the place of the word you can’t remember. Google search is powered by powerful algorithms that can assume correctly what you may be looking for.

The asterisk symbol

5 When Several Words Are Missing

If you can’t remember a lengthier portion of a phrase, then try typing the first and last words and inserting “AROUND + (approximate number of words missing) Eg: I wandered AROUND (4) cloud.

When Several Words Are Missing

6 Use a Time Frame

One good way to search Google is when you want to know certain events that occurred during a stipulated period, you can add a time frame to your search query using 3 dots between the dates. If you want to find a scientific discovery during the 20th century you can type.

how to search google for scientific discoveries

7 When You Need To Search A URL or Title

To find keywords or an article, type “intitle’ before the search term. Don’t put any spaces between words. Use ‘inurl’

When You Need To Search A URL or Title

8 Searching For Similar Websites

If there is something you like online and want to find related websites then type ‘related’ and then the address of the site without spaces.

Searching For Similar Websites

9 Searching While phrases

The simplest way of framing a search term is within quotation marks to find something specific but in exact order. For example typing ‘I’m picking up good vibrations without quotation marks, search will show these words how they appear at random on any given website and in no particular order. But! If you type the same sentence within quotation marks, you will get specific results where the words appear exactly how you typed them. This is helpful when you’re searching the lyrics of a song.

Searching While phrases

10 Search Words without Relevancy or Importance

If you want to remove unimportant words from your search just add a minus symbol before each one. Eg: if you are searching a site about interesting books but don’t want to purchase any, you can apply the following.

Search Words without Relevancy or Importance

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