Kid with autism find a door in the forest, and her mother finds a note inside

Kid with autism find a door in the forest, and her mother finds a note inside


Autism is a brain disorder that hampers development of brain in babies and which leaves them with certain impairment in behavior and speech and difficulty in cognizance. Kids with autism find it difficult to socialize with kids without autism as they don’t know how to interact with kids and what kind of behavior should be done. One such mother decided to do something about her autistic child so that people would not judge him for who he is and he has a place to express himself fully and be happy.

1 The mother and her kid

Therese Ojibway has a kid who is really special. Clinton suffers from Autism and has some very special preferences and is different from other kids. He was socially awkward when it comes to meeting other people in public and people took their time to understand what he wanted or what he was conveying. Therese wanted a place where Clinton could wander freely without caring for what others will think. Some place where he would be free to express himself with all his quirks and specialties without anyone seeing him or judging him about anything. She found a place where he could do all these things and also get one with nature, the forest.

the mother and her kid

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2 What did the kid found?

She started taking Clinton into the woods where he would explore the trees and plants and nature without anyone judging him. This also calmed him down a lot and the freedom of doing what he wanted made him listen to his mother’s instructions and he followed them regularly and that’s when Therese got a genius of an idea. She loved seeing her son interacting with the nature and she decided to do something special for him. Therese used to build small things for children from recycled objects and she started building small fairy doors for Clinton. She searched for hollow trees and attached the doors to them and left some notes and letters in it for Clinton. She was amazed that Clinton loved to find these doors and now that Clinton has grown up, both he and Therese have made many such doors and attached them all around the forest so that kids with autism can come and explore the forest and find these fairy doors and notes hidden in them.

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