This very important kitchen appliance has been banned in Russia for a long time. Know why they did so?

3 Reason for banning microwaves

Food chemist Hans Hertel performed an experiment in which he and seven of his fellow vegetarians stayed in a hotel room for two months and ate foods prepared in microwave and other means of cooking food. After two months, Hertel said that he was ready with his findings and grimly announced that when he and fellow people ate food made in microwaves, the food “appeared to indicate the initial stage of a pathological process such as occurs at the start of a cancerous condition”, especially in the foods like microwave milk and vegetables. However there are some pointers to take notice of her:

Reason for banning microwaves
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Not even one participants of the study got actually sick.

Not even one recognized peer reviewed journal published the study and neither Hertel attempted to publish it in any journal.

Hertel never released or produced any data in public.

No one has replicated the study so far.

And such a small sample size is not capable of producing any significant information to provide a conducive result.