Just when this mom was losing hope a mall employee does the unthinkable

Just when this mom was losing hope a mall employee does the unthinkable


The world isn’t as bad as it seems. There are good Samaritans in every corner and they appear just when you least expect them to. Gem Salters got a firsthand experience of the goodness of humankind when a Mall employee’s kindness lit up her day.

Being a parent isn’t easy; it’s one of the most stressful jobs on the planet. Gem Salters was a loving and devoted mother who no doubt received as much love and support from her husband, but sometimes a bit of extra help isn’t a bad thing. The mother of a 6 year old named River; Gem Salters had a beautiful experience one day.

1 River was a special child

Many of you reading this might have already thought what’s the big deal in bringing up a six year old. Everyone has them. Actually River isn’t a regular six year old. He has Autism and that’s a challenge for any parent. He is of course a lovely and intelligent child but he also lacks confidence among new faces and places. He is intimidated by crowds too so you can well imagine the problems Gem faced when taking River for shopping for items such as shoes for instance.

Gem is an amazing mother who teaches and encourages river to face his own problems. She helps him integrate among people and is always there at his side like a loving protecting pillar of support. But this time help came from an unexpected quarter.

Gem with her kid

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2 River could not cope with the crowds what was Gem to do?

Gem needed to take River to the mall to get a pair of shoes. When they got there it was a terrible experience for River as the store was full with parents all doing the same thing. Adding to his trauma were the bright shop lights that seemed to bear down upon him.

Just as when Gem felt disheartened, a young employee came to her rescue. His name was Aaran and he did the most beautiful thing. This young man took River to a staff room so he could have private fitting. He even placed a do not disturb sign outside the door. Aaran brought several pairs of shoes for river to try on in his own private little trial room. This Mall employee’s kindness made Gem’s day.

Gem needed to take River to the mall

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3 Gem was thankful and spread the news about her good Samaritan

Gem was so thankful that she photographed her Good Samaritan and posted her experience on social media which needless to say went viral. It also goes to show that there is hope for humanity yet and even when you feel down in your darkest moment, help will come from somewhere when you least expect it.

Several thousand people have read her story and are even commenting how Aaran deserves a promotion for his good deed.

Gem was thankful

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