Man dissolves in acidic hot springs of Yellowstone National Park There is no trace of his body

Man dissolves in acidic hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. There is no trace of his body


In a tragic accident in USA, a man dissolved in hot springs at Yellowstone National Park on the 10th of June. The bizarre incident involved a 23-year-old university student, who slipped and fell into the highly acidic hot springs, which dissolved him completely. Till now, there is no trace of him even as authorities tried their best to locate his body. Yellowstone National Park in Montana is famous for its unmatched beauty and its hot water springs dangerous for its high temperatures and acidic content.

The man, identified as Colin Nathaniel Scott, was from Portland, Oregon and had visited Yellowstone with his sister Sable. Yellowstone is one of USA’s best known and common tourist attractions, hosting almost 3 to 4 million tourists a year. The Norris geyser basin, which was the site of the accident, was one of the highlights of the park, where the temperature of the water is sometimes as high as 199 degrees. Till date, 22 people have died since 1890 from accidents in the hot springs, of which two were the most freakish incidents where two young tourists attempted to swim in the water.

1 Yellowstone Hot Springs Have Temperature Spikes Upto 400 Degrees

Yellowstone’s latest victim was Colin Nathaniel Scott, all of 23 years old, who tripped into the acidic water of the Norris geyser basin. In the last survey of the temperature at the Hot spring, it had clocked a phenomenal 400 degrees. The acid and heat combination may have well been the reason for Scott’s body dissolving totally in the water. Park authorities had called off the search on Wednesday as there was not a single trace of his body.

Scott was a graduate of Pacific University, Forest Grove, Oregon. He had planned his doctorate in Psychology and had done volunteer work at the Jackson Bottom wetlands Preserve in Oregon, where he worked for 20 months, guiding people and answering questions about the area. It seemed fate had indeed dealt a cruel and ugly blow to Scott. His macabre and horrific death is a constant reminder to authorities to rethink, how to tackle the tourist behavior in the wake of a surge of humanity to Yellowstone.

Yellowstone Hot Springs

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2 There Was No Trace of His Body, It Had Been Entirely Dissolved

Yellowstone has several boardwalks crisscrossing its hot springs and geysers which are known to shoot jets of steaming water into the air. Scott and his sister Sable had wandered almost 225 yards away from the designated boardwalk to try and get a closer look at the springs when he slipped into the Norris geyser basin. When his sister screamed for help, there wasn’t much that could be done.

After the man had dissolved in hot springs at Yellowstone, Park rangers tried their best to locate his body, even traversing the fragile and sensitive crust of the basin, but their efforts were in vain. According to Park spokeswoman, Charisa Reid, the search though, necessary was indeed futile referring to the highly known fact that Scott’s body had dissolved in the basin owing to the extreme heat and acid. A few personal things though, had been recovered but no mortal remains.

Yellowstone has several boardwalks

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3 Regulations require tourists to stick to boardwalks at Yellowstone

Parts of the ground in Yellowstone are typically made up of crusts formed from minerals that have dissolved by boiling water beneath the ground. The same dissolved solution is then carried by the water and deposited on the surface. The crust is extremely thin as ice and this could be a major factor contributing to Scott’s slipping and subsequent fall. Another recent incident at Yellowstone involved a young 13-year-old boy, who slipped into a milder hot spring but was saved.

Regulations require tourists to stick to boardwalks at Yellowstone

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Kenneth Sims, geology professor at Wyoming University had no prior knowledge of the manner of Scott’s death but remarked that it was stupid of many tourists to wander off boardwalks without any knowledge of the volatile and fragile area. The tragic fact that a man has been dissolved in hot springs was a huge warning to tourists at Yellowstone to abide by rules and regulations to ward off unnecessary tragedy.

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