This man requires lots of facial surgery to get rid of alien like features


We should be thankful for how we look. Some people tend to spend lots of money to get facial features looking perfect. Some people just have those perfect features which many others would die for and many others opt for those perfect eyes, nose or chin. There are many diseases that can distort those facial features completely without giving you any hint over the course of time. This person from China suffers from a similar condition that has distorted his face to beyond recognition.

1 The man with Alien like features

53 year old Xia Yuanhai lives in Chongqing in Southwestern China. He struggles to live a normal life as he has a very rare and unique ailment that has enlarged the proportions of his face and it has started to resemble the face of an alien. According to his elder brother Xia Yuangchang, who is 66 years old tells that his brother’s problems started well into adulthood. The growths started when he was an adult and since the family is poor, they didn’t get any help on it and they continued to grow without any medical interference. Expensive medical treatment was not possible and now it has completely deformed Xia’s face to an extent that it looks like an alien’s face.

The man with Alien like feature

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2 What caused the features?

The problem that Xia’s suffers from is known as facial/sebaceous hyperplasia. In this condition, the sebaceous glands under the skin of the face get enlarged, mostly on the forehead and the cheeks. It is a form of benign hair follicle tumor and most of times it is harmless. When it is left untreated like in the case of Xia it can grow to big proportions and deform the whole face. It usually reported along with Muir-Torre syndrome. Muir-Torre syndrome is a rare autosomal dominant disorder in which visceral malignancies, sebaceous neoplasms coincide.


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3 Remedy for Xia’s condition

The only remedy for Xia’s condition is several surgical operations to get rid of the enlarged tissue from various parts of the face. As the treatment and surgery was expensive, his family didn’t go with it when he was younger. This led to the condition to get worse and now has become so bad that it has crushed Xia’s jaw and has broken several of his teeth. The severity of the condition has also left Xia completely deaf. His ears have been covered with the tissues for so long, that he has lost the ability to hear anything. With no end to the condition, Xia along with his brother and family is now attempting to raise funds in order to get corrective surgery done on his face and jaw. His family is hoping for some funds from charity and other helpful organizations so that Xia can lead a normal life from now on.

Remedy for Xia’s condition

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