This mom followed the man who stole her wallet in the grocery store and did something that made the thief cry


On a busy day in a shopping mall one could get pick pocketed quite easily or relieved of your handbag. Thieves lurk around shopping centres and this is what happened to a Christian mom Jessica Eaves as she went about shopping at a grocery store in Guthrie, Oklahoma. A thief robbed her wallet. What happened after that is quite shocking.

1 About Jessica Eaves

Jessica Eaves, a Christian mother of four was shopping at a grocery store when she was pick-pocketed and lost her wallet. Mrs. Eaves is a full time college student and also the leader of the outreach team at the First Christian Church of Guthrie. It is worthwhile to observe how she reacted to the theft.

About Jessica Eaves

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2 The Theft at the Grocery Store

Just as Jessica realised that she had been robbed of her wallet, she spotted the only man who had passed by her in the store. Immediately she could understand who the thief was. But as soon as she saw him, a scripture came to her from Luke, “If someone should take your cloak, you should give them your shirt as well.”

The Theft at the Grocery Store

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3 Jessica confronts the man who stole her wallet

When the scripture came to Jessica’s mind she decided to confront the thief and she spotted him a few aisles away. Instead of calling the police she decided to give him two options. She asked him to either return her wallet and she would forgive him and also pay for his groceries or she would call the police.

Jessica confronts the man who stole her wallet

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4 The Thief’s Reaction

Upon hearing this, the man immediately returned Jessica’s wallet to her and apologized to her about 20 times on the way to the checkout counter.

The Thief’s Reaction

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5 Jessica’s kind Gesture of Paying for the Thief’s Groceries Was a Sign from God

As Jessica opened her wallet to pay for the thief’s groceries, she found that it had been a signal from God. The bill amounted to $27 and she had only $28 that day and also as she does not have the habit of carrying cash. This definitely was a divine will she thought.

Jessica’s kind Gesture of Paying for the Thief’s Groceries

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6 The Thief’s Confession

As Jessica had finished paying for the man’s groceries, he broke down and confessed that he was broke and his kids were hungry. He said that he was embarrassed and apologetic.

Mother with her kids

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7 Jessica’s views on the Incident

Jessica was of the opinion that she understood where he was coming from. Being a Mother of four kids she has seen struggle and felt that one must be given a second chance. She could have called the police but that would not have changed the man’s situation, rather would have made it worse.

Well, getting a second chance is a sign from God. Good Samaritans do exist in this world, after all.

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