Workers just found something rare and bizarre in a construction site in China

Workers just found something rare and bizarre in a construction site in China


A new species of winged dinosaur has just been discovered in Southern China a couple of days ago and was almost swept away by construction workers. The fossil corpse of the new winged dinosaur was about to be destroyed by dynamite when workers noticed something curious about the markings in the earth.

The winged dinosaur fossil found in a construction site near Guangzhou city is an exciting discovery for palaeontologists and scientists worldwide.

1 Bizarre new winged dinosaur is a rarity

The new winged dinosaur species has been named Tongtianlong limosus and is estimated to have lived during the cretaceous period which makes it almost 72 million years old. Now that’s really old and amazing to discover a fossil right there in a construction site.

The journal ‘nature scientific report’ reported the discovery top the world on Thursday. It was trapped in mud with the beak, head and arms looking upwards. Its wings were extended. It had been frozen in time in that position but was almost destroyed by dynamite.

Bizarre new winged dinosaur is a rarity

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2 Found remarkably preserved

The awesome discovery is marking china’s golden age in palaeontology as many exciting fossilized discoveries have been made in china in the past few years particularly feathered fossils. Such discoveries also establish an effective link between dinosaurs and birds.

Tongtianlong limosus is derived from Chinese dialect meaning ‘muddy dragon on the road to heaven’. The specimen was found in a remarkable state of preservation even though some of its skeletal remains are missing. This is how it would have looked like 72 million years ago.

Tongtianlong limosus

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3 A mysterious winged creature

The new winged dinosaur belongs to the species called oviraptorosaurs that are determined by their short toothless skulls. Oviraptosaurs were once considered mysterious due to the rarity but are slowly being discovered in Asia and North America.

The discovery has been documented and excavated by China’s most famous dinosaur hunter Professor Xu Xing who has unearthed almost 43 dinosaur species till date despite the fact that he is only 43 years old.

A mysterious winged creature

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