Police Officers find an amazing Christmas tree at a house when they respond to a call

Police Officers find an amazing Christmas tree at a house when they respond to a call


Police work is possibly one of the most dangerous jobs on planet with many brave officers putting their lives on the line everyday when they don their uniforms every single day. However many of the officers lose their lives protecting and serving the people and many people come up with ways to remember them and say thanks for their service to the city and nation. These two police officers who responded to a call, found something unique at the house which brought chills to them. Find out what they found out.

1 The social media post

Two Cedartown police officers barged into a house when they were responding to a call. But they immediately realized that they were at the wrong house and were about to leave the house when they were mesmerized by the Christmas tree that was placed in the living room. The owner let them see the tree up close and what they saw brought tears to their eyes. The owner explained to them that the unusual ornaments on the tree were very special, as there were two sets of ornaments, one was bigger in size than the other and there were a number of ornaments on the trees. The two police officers took photos of the tree and then posted the incident on the community Facebook wall. The post will bring tears to your eyes as well, read on to find out what the ornaments meant to the police officers.

The social media post

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2 The Christmas Tree and its significance

The owner of the house let the police officers see the “Honor Tree” as it was called closely and they got a chill running down their spine when they found out that the big ornaments had the names of every officer who died in the line of duty that year. Each and every officer killed that years protecting and serving found a place of honor on the tree and the owner didn’t forget the canine partners of many of those officers, who lost their lives performing their duty to the best of their abilities and training. The canine officer’s names were written on the smaller ornaments and hung alongside their human partners. The officers wrote “Partner and I accidentally went to the wrong address today on a run and stumbled across this beautiful tree,” one the cops reportedly wrote to the “Ohio Goes Blue” Facebook page. “The owner took the time to write down every officer killed in the line of duty this year and place it on the tree.”

The Christmas Tree and its significance

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“Not only did she do all the humans but she included all the K9s on the small ornaments,” the email continued. “She calls it the ‘Tree of Honor.’ Guess our paths were meant to cross since she just finished it last night.”

Even the Cedartown Police department set up a Christmas tree featuring fallen officers from the department in their office and Chief Jamie Newsome said that he didn’t wanted the families of the fallen officers to know that they were not forgotten.

Christmas tree featuring fallen officers from the department

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