Here is the reason why there is no 13th row in some airplanes

Here is the reason why there is no 13th row in some airplanes


Flying in an airplane is a very exciting and scary proposition for some people. The exiting part is getting to travel in a transport vehicle which takes you above the clouds and cuts the time of your journey drastically on shorter routes. The scary part for many people is the fear of flying and the bad feeling of something unwanted happening to the plane or it coming crashing down. Therefore people tend to do whatever they can to ensure they have a safe flight and have many superstitions to follow. One such superstition has led to many airlines to avoid something important and laughable. Check out what it is.

1 Airlines and seating arrangements

Airlines have their own seating arrangements according to their requirements. Some of the airlines prefer to give less leg room to passengers in order to squeeze more seats in their planes. While some of the airlines tend to give some more leg space to the passengers. Most of the airline seats have recliners in them, either automatically or manually. They also features fold up trays and small pockets for magazines and safety instructions. Some of the seats even have electronic screen for passengers to watch movies or play games on the screen. Business and First Class seats are more comfortable than economy class, but they are also expensive seats. They have more room and are more comfortable with more amenities given to passengers in business class and first class. But one thing you might have noticed on most airplanes is that many of the airlines tend to miss the 13th row of seats. The numbering of the rows goes from 12 to 14 or 15 directly and 13 is avoided. We have the answer for you in the next slide.

Airlines and seating arrangements

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2 The reason behind no 13th row in some airplanes

Many airlines in the world like Lufthansa do not have a row numbered 13. This is because in many cultures and countries, the number 13 is considered unlucky and people generally believe in that superstition. Therefore these airlines respect their superstition and avoid numbering the row with the 13 number. Another number that is considered unlucky is number 17 and therefore you may find both 13 and 17 numbers missing from the seating arrangement. Passengers want to have a safe ride to their destinations and may create an unneeded scene if they are seated in a row with number 13 or 17 which they may consider unlucky and not everyone wants to change their seats with strangers. Therefore to avoid such situations in airplanes and to respect the believes of their customers, airlines avoid numbering their row in unlucky number 13.

The reason behind no 13th row in some airplanes

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