A school Bus Driver writes a note to the Parents of two kids about their behavior


Kids creating trouble is not an uncommon sight. And getting a note from the school can be every parent’s nightmare. After all your little angels have been up to something and gotten in trouble. That little note carefully placed in your child’s bag can give you the jitters. This is what happened to this couple when they received a note from their children’s school bus driver.

1 The School Bus

A school bus is one place where kids enjoy the most. There is a lot of excitement amidst playful banter and jokes being thrown at one another as kids wait to be dropped. This is also a place where minor disputes amongst kids can get out of hand to a serious level.

The School Bus

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2 It Takes All Kinds to make a world

It is not uncommon to find all kinds of kids on board, a school bus. Some kids might be silent, others loud, a few rude and some can be violent as well. Naughty kids cannot sit still and they end up creating a ruckus in the bus. That is when the driver and his assistant staff come into the picture.

Kids around school bus

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3 The Kind Kids

There are a few kids with special needs who travel in the same bus as others and study in the same school. While most kids jeer at such kids and waste no time mocking them, there are some kind kids in the world who go out of their way to help such kids with special needs. Two kids named Analaise and Jorge won the hearts of their bus driver with their kind behaviour.

The Kind Kids

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4 The Special Kid named Jackson

There was a child named Jackson on the bus who had difficulties walking and it was tough for him to get to his seat. He would be sad when he boarded the bus.

Inside of a school bus

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5 How Analaise and Jorge helped Jackson

Analaise and Jorge were siblings who would go out of their way to assist Jackson in boarding the bus, making him sit and helping him get down from the bus. Jackson would be sad after boarding the bus. The siblings noticed this and began to assist him in the bus. Jorge even offered to carry Jackson’s backpack for him. These acts of kindness caught the attention of the bus driver and made her emotional. The Bus driver decided to send home a chit to the parents of the siblings.

How Analaise and Jorge helped Jackson

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6 The Bus Driver’s emotional letter addressed to the Parents

The bus driver was impressed by the two kids (Siblings) who were doing their best to help Jackson, another child who had difficulty in walking. At an age where kids create chaos and havoc in the bus, there were these siblings who were rendering their support to the handicapped child. An emotional driver wrote the parents a letter praising their upbringing and the values inculcated in them. She mentioned that the children were beautiful inside out which was a result of the guidance and patience of their parents. Every day the siblings sat with Jackson and tried to cheer him up, helped him etc. Analaise would encourage Jackson to board the bus confidently. These little acts of kindness deserve a special mention which was the reason she had written that note as she wanted the parents to know that she found their children wonderful.

Bus Driver’s emotional letter addressed to the Parents

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Kindness and compassion should be inculcated in all kids from a very young age itself for this would make the world a better place to live. This couple deserves a standing ovation for raising their children with the right values. It is time all parent’s understood the importance of this trait.

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