This lady had just about given up on having a baby when she was made this amazing offer

This lady had just about given up on having a baby when she was made this amazing offer


Having a child is every woman’s dream. The little bundle of joy brings with it a lot of love and joy. A woman feels complete after giving birth. But not all women are blessed to be able to conceive and have babies. Aimee Morrisby was about to give up on her cherished dream of becoming a mother when she was made this wonderful offer. One that was about to change her life forever.

1 Aimee Morrisby’s Health Condition

As a child Aimee was diagnosed with Hirschsprung disease, a painful bowel condition which causes blockages in the large intestine. Her childhood was spent in numerous trips to the hospitals. When she was 21, she had visited the hospital with some pain and that’s when she discovered that she had a lot of scarring in her uterus.

Aimee Morrisby’s Health Condition

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2 Her Hopeless dream of having a Baby

After eight painful rounds of IVF and four pregnancies that ended in a miscarriage, Aimee learnt that the 40-50 surgeries she had had to undergo to treat her bowel condition had turned her uterus into a ball of scar tissue. Then she received the horrible news that she could never conceive again.

Her Hopeless dream of having a Baby

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3 The Miraculous offer by her Sister

Aimee and her husband Jake had given up on having children when her sister Shayna phoned her at night and made her an amazing offer. She said, “Let’s have a baby!” Shayna who was already a mother of two, her youngest being born just a few months back, had decided to carry her sister’s baby for them. It certainly was not an easy decision as she had just given birth and did not know if her body could take further strain at this point. Then there was her relationship with her husband to consider. Another point which deserved attention was how she would explain to her own children that though she had given birth she was not bringing the baby home. After some serious thinking Shayna was ready to take the plunge and she called up her sister that night at 10 PM and made the offer.

The Miraculous offer by her Sister

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4 The Beautiful Journey of The pregnancy

An overjoyed Aimee could only happily accept the offer her sister had made despite worrying if she had thought it over well. The two couples underwent counselling in Brisbane to ensure all four of them understood what to expect and how to deal with the emotions that were likely to arise during the pregnancy and after the birth of the baby. The first transfer during the IVF cycle resulted in an early miscarriage. After a few weeks when they tried again the implant was successful and Shayna got pregnant. Aimee was with her throughout as she had turned in her resignation to move closer to her sister. Aimee accompanied Shyana for every appointment and scans and took good care of her. It helped that Shayna always thought of the baby as her sisters.

The Beautiful Journey of The pregnancy

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5 The Amazing Water Birth

The pregnancy went on peacefully without much turbulence and soon the time of birth arrived when Shayna went into labour in March with her sister Aimee, her brother in law Jake and her husband Aaron by her side for support during the birthing. The water birth was calm and beautiful and when Shayna delivered the baby, Jake stepped forward to cut the baby’s cord. She then handed him his baby girl. Francesca was born healthy at 3.4 kilograms and it was an amazing experience said Shayna. Aimee and Jake are overjoyed as they are now the proud parents of a cute baby girl.

The Amazing Water Birth

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Aimee wants to share her message with women who are unable to conceive. She says considering surrogacy is a fine choice and one need not be scared if they need someone else to carry their baby for them. She adds that surrogacy is a beautiful thing.

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