Star Wars hero Diego Luna responds emotionally when he sees a fan’s post on tumblr

Star Wars hero Diego Luna responds emotionally when he sees a fan’s post on tumblr


For all the Star Wars fans out there, Rogue one was a much awaited visual treat where fans of Mexican actor Diego Luna were ecstatic at his inclusion in the mega franchise. It was heartening to see how several fans reacted but one particular fan attracted the attention of the star on Tumblr. It was Diego Luna’s emotional response that highlighted this story.

This particular Tumblr fan of Diego was also Mexican and revealed to Luna what an important role he played in promoting his own culture.

1 Fan reveals how her Mexican father was overjoyed at seeing a Mexican in a lead role

The Mexican fan who goes by the Tumblr handle ‘riveralwaysknew’ revealed to Diego Luna through the social media site that her Mexican dad was overjoyed that Luna had kept his Mexican accent in the film. That was an extremely important factor to the man.

The fan wrote on Tumblr “I wanted my Mexican father, with his thick Mexican accent, to experience what it was like to see a hero in a blockbuster film, speak the way he does.”


2 Why had Diego not changed his Mexican accent

The fan’s father just couldn’t believe that a Mexican was in the lead role of a major Hollywood production and Star Wars no less. He asked his daughter why Diego hadn’t changed his Mexican accent to an American one in the movie. She replied that Diego kept the Mexican accent as he was proud of his own culture. Upon hearing so, the fan’s father was silent for a while. When he spoke, this is what he said.

Diego not changed his Mexican accent

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3 Diego Luna is touched deeply

The fans father was immensely happy. His first words were “And he was a main character”? When the fan replied yes!! He was truly happy. While driving home he related to his daughter the story of other Mexican actors who should also be acting in Hollywood.

The story touched the actor deeply. Diego Luna’s emotional response was profound and mean a lot to several fans worldwide. He even took a screenshot of the Tumblr post and shared it on twitter with a large caption which said “I got emotional reading this!”

Diego Luna is touched deeply

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4 Fans response

Diego’s post has been retweeted almost 58,000 times and got 141,000 likes.

Fans response

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5 The Father thanks Diego for his post

The Tumblr fan also shared a video of her father’s gratitude to Diego Luna’s emotional response of sharing his story. ‘Thank you Diego’

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