10 Year old boy dies after strange mark appears on his leg

One of the most tormenting experiences for any parent is to see the death of their child. Although some children may die of disease, it is even more devastating when your little boy dies from something you are aware of but doctors just won’t listen.

This is exactly what happened to ten year old Keith Rogers Pierce. When this little boy died from a strange mark on his leg, his family was devastated. You’ll be equally surprised to know what it was and can well be a warning for many.

1 A bubbly and lively kid

Ten year old Keith Rogers Price was a bubbly kid and full of life. He was born on Sept 9th 2004. When he celebrated his birthday on Sept 9th 2014, little did his parents know it would be little Keithy’s last. It was to be a cruel twist of fate that the boy would live just a month longer than his tenth birthday.

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Image Source: www.nydailynews.com