10 Year old boy dies after strange mark appears on his leg

10 Year old boy dies after strange mark appears on his leg


One of the most tormenting experiences for any parent is to see the death of their child. Although some children may die of disease, it is even more devastating when your little boy dies from something you are aware of but doctors just won’t listen.

This is exactly what happened to ten year old Keith Rogers Pierce. When this little boy died from a strange mark on his leg, his family was devastated. You’ll be equally surprised to know what it was and can well be a warning for many.

1 A bubbly and lively kid

Ten year old Keith Rogers Price was a bubbly kid and full of life. He was born on Sept 9th 2004. When he celebrated his birthday on Sept 9th 2014, little did his parents know it would be little Keithy’s last. It was to be a cruel twist of fate that the boy would live just a month longer than his tenth birthday.

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2 Proud on his tenth birthday

Mandy and Preston Pierce sr was proud of their three little boys Preston jr, Keith and little Ethan. They were a close knit family where Keith the trooper of the lot was always active who loved football and riding his dirt bike. The three boys doted on each other and were inseparable till tragedy struck a cruel blow a couple of weeks after Keith celebrated his tenth birthday on Sept 9th 2014.

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3 Tragedy strikes soon after

On 30th September, Keith complained of pains in his leg. His mother noticed a strange mark on his leg which was swollen. There was a distinct black spot too. His parents rushed him to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital for a medical check.

Even as his mother Mandy tried explaining that she suspected he may have been bitten by something, doctors were overtly concerned that it may be cancer. But that was ruled out and the boy was sent home.

Tragedy strikes soon after

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4 Keith’s condition worsens

A few days later, his condition worsened and Keith was rushed to St Vincent Hospital in Billings Montana. He was administered IV fluids and antibiotics but sepsis ultimately set in. despite of a surgery performed by doctors, Keith did not recover. The little boy tragically succumbed to sepsis on October 10th 2014. At just Ten years old, the life was snuffed out of Keith Rogers Pierce and all because doctors didn’t realize he was suffering from SPIDER BITE.


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5 Spider bites can be avoided with protection

Yes!! Keith had been bitten by the brown recluse spider which is extremely venomous like the black widow and is found commonly in North America. Brown recluse spiders are found in most American states and the only method of safety is prevention. For children prone to playing outside, long sleeve clothing should be worn along with long pants and socks too. This also goes for lumber jacks and those working outdoors.

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6 Keith might have lived if only he was treated earlier

Young Keith Rogers Pierce died from a strange mark on his leg and it was only found out later that he suffered a spider bite. It was ironic that if doctors had confirmed his mother’s suspicions, he might have lived today. Keith’s last words according to his Mother were “I am ready to go” May little Keith rest in peace.

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