This man does something heart touching when he sees a woman with a small child

This man does something heart touching when he sees a woman with a small child


This world is filled with more negativity than positivity and hence the level of tolerance amongst general people has gone down drastically. People pick up fights at the drop of a hat and often end up on the wrong side of the law. But a young mom and her toddler son found a good Samaritan among a crowd of people in a train and he did something that brought tears of happiness in the eyes of the mother and it will also touch your heart as well.

1 The woman with the small child

Samantha Welch, a 23 year old mom and her 3 year old son Rylan were on the train one day. The crowded train has made an already peeved Rylan more restless and though Samantha got a seat, it was becoming seemingly difficult to keep Rylan from getting moody and restless. She was doing her best in order to keep him occupied. A man with sunglasses and hat got on the train and was looking for place to sit. Samantha made some room for the man and continued to focus on keeping Rylan busy for the trip. The man was quietly watching the mom and son and mom’s struggles to keep a toddler from crying out in a crowded train.

Samantha Welch, with her 3 year old son Rylan

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2 The heart touching gesture by the man

When his designated stop came, the man got up from his seat and tapped on the shoulder of Samantha, thanked her for the seat and hastily handed something in her hand saying this is something that dropped from your bag and got off in the melee of the crowd. Samantha was already busy in looking after Rylan, so when she noticed what was in her hand, she got a shock of her life. The man had given her some money and a handwritten note which said:

Have a drink on me, you’re a credit to your generation, polite and teaching the little boy good manners.
PS I have a daughter your age, someone did the same for her once. Hope when she has children she is as good a mother as you.

Note written by a man

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Samantha was shocked to see the 5 pound note and this note and she started crying reading the note. She also felt bad that she couldn’t say thanks to the man who did this amazing gesture to her. She didn’t want the man to remain mysterious and began searching for the man on Facebook. She even went on a local news TV show with her story and the note. She was finally successful in finding the man who gave her the money and the note.

3 Reason behind the gesture

The man was finally found after trips to TV talk shows locally and it was found that he was 50 year old Ken Saunders, who worked at the national health services in England. He has 4 step sons and lives with his partner of 16 years. When Samantha, along with Rylan went to see Ken at his work, he was surprised to see the response to his gesture of some money and a note to a stranger. He said that he didn’t think that she would find him. He also said the reason behind the note was that he was coming home after a hectic day of work and seeing Samantha and Rylan, he felt a wave of happiness seeing a young mom and a well mannered toddler in such crowded conditions. He concluded by saying, “It made such a change compared to the maligned young people of today.“I thought, ‘She’s lightened up my night, I’m going to lighten up her night.”

Ken Saunders with baby Rylan

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