Meet the super human whose body feature will send chills down your spine

Meet the super human whose body feature will send chills down your spine


Road safety is an issue that has been plaguing the whole world with the advent of powerful vehicles and increasingly lowering patience of people. People love to drive fast and their love for speed is causing more and more accidents in the world, killing hundreds of people all over the world at any given minute. But Victorian government in Australia have come up with an interesting way to promote road safety and safe driving by introducing its new ambassador for road safety Graham.

1 Road crash safety

In an event of a road accident, the driver and the person in the passengers’ seat are the two people extremely vulnerable to absorb most of the impact and are often two people who are killed in any accident which is a head on collision. It doesn’t have to be an accident at speeds of 70 kmph or greater, even accidents at 25, 30, 35 kmph can be fatal as well. This is because the human body is not designed to absorb the impact of crash. In an event of a crash, the brain keeps moving even when the head stops, smashing against the front of the skull and then the back, as the neck is jerked back. This is the major cause of someone dying or getting brain damaged. Also the rib cage of a person that protects the heart, kidneys, liver etc, tend to break off and may actually puncture the lungs and can cause death. But Victorian government in association with a prominent sculptor and a crash expert medical doctor have come up with a perfect human design that will not be harmed in any kind of an accident. Watch for yourself in the next slide.

 Road crash safety

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2 Meet Graham

Graham is sculpted by Melbourne based sculptor Patricia Piccinini and road safety engineer David Logan. Graham is designed to have a body that can withstand a high speed crash and come out unscathed. What put people off are the features of Graham which look nothing like human. Graham doesn’t have any neck in order to rule out any whiplash or deaths due to broken neck. He has a flat face that is full of flesh and fat in order to protect the eyes and ears. He also has a huge chest in order to protect the inner organs like heart and several airbags between each rib to prevent rib breaking during the impact. It also possesses a thick skin to take care of road abrasions and rashes. It also possesses strong legs with lots of muscles so that it can dive out of the way of an oncoming car in case Graham happens to be walking on the road. Also his knees can bend in any direction so that his legs do not break when they are hit by a car.

Meet Graham

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Graham was built as part of road safety campaign by Victoria government and will use Google’s latest augmentative reality program Tango to look under Graham’s skin to make people understand how his unique features will help him survive a deadly car crash. Children can visit Graham online or in person to learn more about road safety and safe driving.

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