When this toddler learns he is to be adopted, his reaction will leave you in tears


Every child deserves a family. Unfortunately that’s not the way of the world in which millions of children spend their lives in foster homes. It’s a sad fact of humanity where young boys and girls grow up in an environment that may cater to their needs but leaves a gaping hole of want in terms of family and parental love. A toddler’s reaction to adoption rightly proves how much children long for a family.

You could imagine the looks of joy on such faces when the news strikes them that they are being adopted by a family. Such was the case of little Michael Brown who in February 2005 found out that he was to be finally adopted after having been with two foster families previously.

1 His last name was also brown

Michael Brown was chosen by a third family who were delighted at the fact that his last name was brown because they too were browns. Michael’s case schedule was changed where he would not be returned to his mother but would be given for adoption. The browns then understood Michael would be their son forever.

Michael Brown was chosen by a third family

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2 His first reaction to adoption

The toddler’s reaction to adoption was shy at first. He even cried a lot because it can be very traumatic for a child to be switched from one family to another. Michael was only three and half years old. However the transition into the brown family was thankfully a smooth affair and the little toddler soon grew accustomed to his new family.

His first reaction to adoption

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3 Finally Michael is happy with his new family

After a year and a half, Michael is extremely happy, His 17 year old sister Dezhianna says “He’s a lot more outgoing now and you can now see the personality in him.” Dexhianna has also shared several photos of Michael with the family. Although at first he was nervous, Michael today is a pumped up kid and thanks to the browns he is also receiving all the love and care of a happy family.

Michael is happy with his new family

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4 On top of the world

Initially Michael never really knew what adoption meant, but now he is on top of the world all because he belongs to somebody and isn’t just a boy in foster care anymore. The little toddler’s reaction to adoption might have been mixed at first but now he’s finally where he belongs.

Over joyed  kid Michael

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