10 Amazing true stories of feral children in world who were raised by animals in the wild

2 Leopard Boy – 1912, India

A leopardess was seen carrying away an infant in 1912 from a village in rural India. 5 years later, a hunter killed the leopardess and found the now 5 year old boy and he brought him to the village and he was reunited with his family. He was aggressive and grunted and growled at people, but with time, learnt to speak, but could run very fast on all fours.

Leopard Boy – 1912, India
Image Source: www.earthporm.com

3 Oxana Malaya – 1991, Ukraine

Oxana Malaya was 3 years old, when she was left outside in cold by her parents and she crawled in a kennel dug by a dog for warmth. Surprisingly, she stayed there for 6 years as no one came looking for her. She stayed with dogs and adapted their traits like walking on all fours, panting like them. She had very less interaction with humans and spoke very little. She was integrated into the society and after intense therapy was able to communicate with others and now works at a farm with animals in Odessa.

 Oxana Malaya – 1991, Ukraine
Image Source: www.tayfundogan.net