10 Amazing true stories of feral children in world who were raised by animals in the wild

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4 Kamala and Amala – Kolkata, India

Kamala and Amala are the best examples of feral children, from 1920s. The two children were found in Kolkata by a Christian missionary, as they were hiding on a tree along with wolves. The missionary killed the mother wolf and captured them. They were inseparable and always stayed together. However their weak immune system proved too much to them and Amala died after a year of capture and though Kamala lived till age of 17 and started walking straight, kidney failure ended her life.

Kamala and Amala Kolkata, India
Image Source: www.fans.coa.ge

5 Memmie Le Blanc-Wild Girl of Champagne

The wild girl of Champagne is a completely different case of feral child. She knew how to speak before she was left to fend for herself, near the village of Songi in France. She lived in the forest feeding on fruits, birds, frogs and fishes for more than 10 years. She kept on hunting rabbits and roots even when she was captured. She ran very fast and had exceptional eyesight. She met Queen of Poland in 1737, who was impressed by her hunting skills.

Memmie Le Blanc-Wild Girl of Champagne
Image Source: www.chirkup.me

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