10 Amazing true stories of feral children in world who were raised by animals in the wild

6 Wild Peter- 1700s

Wild Peter is perhaps the earliest recorded instance of a feral child. He was found and captured in 1724 in Hanover. He walked on all fours and ate roots and leaves, refusing any other meal than plants. He learnt to eat fruits and vegetables later on, but he never learnt to communicate with others. He lived till he was 72 and learnt two words in his lifetime, “Peter” and “King George”.

Wild Peter- 1700s

7 The Bear Girl

While hunting in Mt. Olympus, Ali Osman and his companion killed a huge female bear, but were attacked by a feral child immediately. When they checked out the bear’s lair, they found that the girl lived with the bear they had killed. She was taken back to Bursa in Turkey and admitted in an asylum. She refused to eat any cooked meal and sat in a corner. Police eventually found that she disappeared from a village nearby when she was 2 and was then adopted and raised by the bear.

The Bear Girl
Image Source: www.emaze.com