10 Amazing true stories of feral children in world who were raised by animals in the wild

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8 Dina Shanichar – Uttar Pradesh, India

Dina Shanichar was a feral boy found by hunters in Bulandshehar in Uttar Pradesh, India in 1800s. Hunters were amazed to see a boy run extremely fast on all four limbs and they captured the boy after smoking the wolves out of their den. The boy was named Dina Shanichar and though he initially ate raw meat and bones, he eventually took liking to cooked meat, but never learnt to communicate with others. He died in 1895.

Dina Shanichar - Uttar Pradesh, India
Image Source: www.indianexpress.com

9 Marina Chapman

Marina Chapman is the name given to a girl who was abandoned in a jungle by her abductors in 1954 at the age of 5. She learnt to fend for herself and eventually lived with a group of capuchin monkeys. She ate whatever food the monkeys dropped for her from the trees and survived like that for 5 years in the jungle. She was rescued by hunters and now lives in England and wrote a famous book titled “A girl with no name”.

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