Forget about the iphone 7, the God of smartphones with 786 GB will drive you insane

While the whole world is going gaga over the new iPhone 7, what most people haven’t realized is that there’s some formidable competition in the market. This fantastic new baby can well give the iPhone a run for its money and may even convert several Apple fans over.

It’s the Turing Monolith Chaconne Smartphone that is about to be unveiled by Turing Robotic Industries which boasts that this mega device will be the most powerful Smartphone ever. The Turing Monolith will be launched in 2018 while a lesser version will be launched in 2017 called the Turing Cadenza. Both Phones will feature such insane specifications unbelievable for a Smartphone so be ready for a new Smartphone experience of a life time.

1 Incredible Internal memory 786 GB, RAM 18 GB

Is this insane or what? While the Turing Cadenza will have 512 GB memory, the Monolith which is actually a phablet is going to be packed with memory up to your ears. 786 GB is incredible and hard to believe. Having a ram of 18 GB means an incredible amount of operating power.

Turing Cadenza
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