Find out what your hairline says about your personality

Find out what your hairline says about your personality


Metocoscopy if you have never heard of such a word is the study of human beings personalities based on the hairlines of their forehead. It’s interesting to note that like palmistry, this too is a means to decipher your nature. If you want to know what your hairline says about you then read on and see if it makes a match.

1 Straight Hairline

A straight hairline represents a logical mind and strong will power. It also means that the person is lucky.

Straight Hairline

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2 Narrow Hairline

A narrow hairline denotes a weak minded person who can’t disagree or say no to others.

Narrow Hairline

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3 Round Hairline

A rounded hairline denotes an independent and strong headed person. Those with a rounded hairline take their professional life seriously.

Round Hairline

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4 M-Shaped Hairline

Those with an M shaped hairline are creative and artistic people. They are also considerate and take into account the opinions of those close to them when making a decision.

M-Shaped Hairline

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5 Pointed Hairline

A pointed hairline denotes a susceptible nature which is why it is dominant in females.

Pointed Hairline

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6 Forehead That Sticks Out

Those with a forehead that sticks out making it look as if there is a bump on the forehead denotes an extremely intelligent and eloquent person.

Forehead That Sticks Out

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7 Bald

A bald person is regarded as extremely lucky and it is also a sign of financial success. According to a survey bald people are generally more intelligent than those with hair. Now would you still laugh at bald people? So that’s what your hairline says about you. Did you find it helpful?


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