Why does the Duchess of Cambridge wear a Plaster on her hand, is she clumsy?

Why does the Duchess of Cambridge wear a Plaster on her hand, is she clumsy?


There is a new subject of wonder trending in the United Kingdom. It isn’t a new tattoo trend, it isn’t a UFO or a new species spotted, it is a Band-Aid worn by Duchess Kate continuously on her. Somehow, that insignificant little bandaid worn by clumsy Kate as she is being called is a matter of speculation and debate as to why she wears it.

Sporting perfectly manicured fingers and painted nails is also that nondescript little bandaid which somehow clashes with the perfectly made up hand of a gentlewoman. So does this mean the duchess is injury prone? Let’s find out.

1 Was she attacked by a feline star?

Speculation was ripe over the plaster a day after the duchess had met the star of the film A street cat named Bob, did the feline star give her a nick or two? Kate Middleton is always the center of attraction for being extremely prim and proper, the very epitome of a gentlewoman. Her impeccable taste for fashion and dress sense makes her the new star of the royal family. But now the Band-Aid worn by Duchess Kate is attracting even more attention.

Kate Middleton with husband

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2 Is she really clumsy Kate

However it appears she is prone to being cut quite often which is why the constant plaster ion that particular hand. Her popularity and towering presence across England in various charities and social do’s is somehow overshadowed because of either a plaster on her hand or a tape wrapped around a finger or a thumb. Is she clumsy?

Is she really clumsy Kate

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3 Royal staff are tight lipped

The royal staff as usual have their lips sealed and will not reveal whether her recent injury was really due to the feline star Bob or not. But it is most unlikely as the duchess has always been seen wearing plasters for quite some time. In 2008 she was seen leaving the Bouji nightclub in London sporting a plaster on her right thumb.

Royal staff are tight lipped

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4 Will the world ever get to know so we can give it a rest?

Very recently at the Christmas day service she was seen with a transparent skin colored plaster on her left thumb. Is she practicing sewing? What is happening to Kate Middleton, the public will never know but the band-aid worn by Duchess Kate is creating quite a stir in the media, hopefully someone finds out the answer.

 Kate Middleton shaking hands

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