You won’t believe what happen to this lake in India

When you mess with the nature and try and take too much advantage of it, it comes back to bite you on your behind in one form or the other. Nature has its way of balancing itself and also keeping itself clean.

A city in Bangalore, India which is one of the busiest hubs for all I.T. related businesses around the world has been a witness to a strange phenomenon of their two biggest lakes building up some foam and also instances of them catching fire all by themselves.

Here is what’s actually causing the fires in the lakes and the situation is a really sad one of high human error and lack of empathy towards keeping the nature clean.

1 The lake

At first look this photo may seem to show a layer of snow on top of a mountain. But the reality of the image is far more horrifying than you would realise. Actually what is happening here, it is a truly rare and a very unnatural phenomenon.

It’s actually one of the two lakes in Bangalore, India that have become so toxic that they foam over and sometimes even catches fire if the conditions deteriorate and it all looks like a scene straight out of a 70s cheesy horror movie. The names of the lakes are Bellandur and Varthur which are located in the busy hi-tech nucleus of Bangalore, of the two lakes, the 36 kilometre Bellandur Lake is the largest and by far the most contaminated one in the city.

The lake
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