This Englishman thinks he is a Vampire and sleeps in a Coffin

This Englishman thinks he is a Vampire and sleeps in a Coffin


The latest movie glorifying the count Dracula was Dracula Untold and we all seem to have viewed the Vampire story differently, But perhaps what got vampires a huge fan following were the twilight movies that gave a romantic twist to the young hip and cool vampire couple of Bella and Edward Cullen. For all the teenagers in the world, the Vampire just became a heart throb.

But now comes the big question, do Vampires exists in this life or not? Whether the story of vampires is true or not, One man seems to think differently taking the Vampire theme as far as thinking that he too is a vampire. That’s right; this Englishman thinks he is a vampire.

1 This Vampire drinks pig’s blood

Well if he really is a Vampire then shouldn’t he be drinking blood?? It’s common Knowledge how Vampires love their pint of RBC, well Darkness Vlad Tepes as he calls himself actually drinks pig and cows blood to survive,UGGH!!

The self proclaimed prince of darkness who is 25 years old according to earth time lives in the forests of Blackburn England. He also claims to have been living as a vampire for the last 13 years.

Vampire drinks pig’s blood

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2 A custom made coffin

The real life Prince Darkness Vlad Tepes even lives in his custom made coffin. Wonder if it is a designer made to order one with a built in TV set. Who knows?? His coffin is 6 feet 7 inches long and is enough for him as he measures 6.6ft. Seems he is a tall man. Darkness rues the day he went for a drink at the local pub at Oswald Twistle because he was openly ridiculed and abused. And NO!! They didn’t wave garlic at him and try to impale him through the heart.

Darkness is visibly upset when he speaks of that day at the pub all because the men asked him if he was abused as a child.

Vlad Tepes lives in custom made coffin

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3 Garlic and the sun doesn’t affect him

Darkness says unlike other conventional vampires, garlic doesn’t even affect him and neither does the sun. Now isn’t that one special vampire. As old as the story of Vampires go, they are affected by garlic and the sun will burn them to cinders, but not our boy Darkness after all he is a gifted mutant vampire.

 conventional vampires

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4 Initiated into a coven when he was 13

According to darkness, he was initiated into a coven of female vampires when he was 13. He found them the first time when he was walking his dog in Galway. Although scared the first time thinking them to be zombies, his second confrontation with them was friendlier, since that fateful day he has been a vampire.

coven of female vampires

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5 Watch the video of this real life Vampire

This Englishman thinks he is a vampire and wants to be treated like one. “To be a vampire is to believe that I have a living body but a dead soul. But I think there’s a lot of preconceptions about being a vampire from films and books like Twilight or Dracula” Blackburn has been his home since 2012. He says he belongs to a coven of vampires from East Lancashire called the Underworld. Imagine that!!

Do you really want to see darkness Vlad Tepes? Then watch the video below you’ll really see something interesting.

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