There are key chains sold with live animals in them. Find out more about this disgusting new trend

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2 The reaction of people

Animal rights activists have condemned the practice of sealing in live animals in tiny plastic bags as cruel and inhumane. Unfortunately China’s animal protection laws are only applicable to animals found in wild and since these animals are mostly categorized as pets, law cannot touch these vendors. While some people buy them so that good luck can come with these animals, a huge number of people buy these chains and free the animals so that they can get a chance to live. Though online petitions have garnered huge response, the practice is completely legal under the laws of animal cruelty in China. Qin Xiaona, director of the NGO Capital Animal Welfare Association, described the trinkets as “immoral and pure animal abuse” – but said they were legal. “China only has a Wild Animal Protection Law,” Qin told The Global Times. “If the animals are not wild animals they fall outside the law’s scope.”

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