7 Things that are made in China and contain harmful substances

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2 Apple Juice

Chinese apple juice has flooded the supermarkets in US and 50% of the apple juice sold in any shop in US comes from Chinese farms. However China is known to spray copious amounts of pesticides and since it is the largest pesticide producing country in the world, they are pretty liberal in using it also. Also fruit juices contain high amounts of sugar and should be mixed with vegetable juice to make it healthier.

Apple Juice
Image Source: www.theepochtimes.com

3 Black Pepper

A vendor in China was caught selling black mud as grounded black pepper in US and flour as white pepper. Since China has lax food safety laws, vendors take advantage of a lax system and exploit it to the max. Such things when exported to other nations like US mean that people will eat them and get sick and that is something no one wants. So check yourself before buying imported stuff.

Black Pepper
Image Source: www.goldrushhub.com

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