7 Things that are made in China and contain harmful substances

4 Mushrooms

Producers of mushrooms in China have resorted to making processed mushrooms which are then labeled as organic and sold at high profits as in US organic food is sold at higher price than processed foods.34% of mushrooms from China are fake. So do your due diligence before buying anything in the supermarket or better trust your local farmers market and spend your money wisely.

Image Source: www.goldrushhub.com

5 Rice

Recently there was a huge scandal exposed where it was found that exporters from China are flooding the markets of other countries with extremely good quality cheap rice. Rice is something of a staple food in China and other Asian countries and even in US lots of people eat rice. But this cheap rice was later exposed to be made of plastic. Yes!! China was exporting fake plastic rice made from synthetic resin and potatoes. This rice didn’t cook properly and even caught fire when it was burned.

Image Source: www.goldrushhub.com

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