10 Unbelievable feats that can only be done by Abnormal Humans

X men and supermen aren’t just restricted to movies and comics. You’ll be surprised that such people exist in real life too. Even if they can’t fly or perform super deeds, the abilities that are displayed in these images aren’t common actions that can be performed by you or me. Check out these amazing feats normal humans can’t do.

1 This man can pull a truck using just his ears

Now if that doesn’t hurt you then what will? However he seems to be pretty cool while doing it.

man can pull a truck using just his ears
Image Source: www.bugaga.ru

2 Can you lick your elbow?

Well this girl certainly can and it looks easy when she does it. I bet you’re trying it right now!!

Can you lick your elbow?
Image Source: www.askideas.com

3 A perfect sense of balance

This guy should try for the x factor. That a real cool balancing act he has there. It seems impossible.

perfect sense of balance
Image Source: www.imgur.com

4 Count the number of eggs he is holding

Could you hold even five like that? Be careful in case you waste perfectly good eggs.

holding eggs in hand
Image Source: www.yandex.ru

5 Now this is definitely impossible. That a real tongue wave

She is one weird little gal. Wonder how she could do that. She could most probably make her tongue dance too. This is definitely among the feats normal humans can’t do.

tongue wave
Image Source: www.entornointeligente.com

6 Hey! Is that supergirl?

This is the real life supergirl, she just has to be. No one can smash a fence with their head and not have some blood to show for it.

supergirl smashed container
Image Source: www.temteen.com

7 Amazing flexibility

This woman is almost like Reeds Richard the rubber man of the fantastic four.

Amazing flexibility
Image Source: www.mmbiz.qpic.cn

8 Try half of the weight he’s lifting

Well, I doubt if any body builder could even lift that many tires.

body builder could even lift that many tires
Image Source: www.cakeandbarbell.com

9 A Shaolin monk with magical powers?

Now how can someone drill his head? It’s not even a trick because he can do it for ten seconds. In fact this guy can actually break an iron rod with his throat and insert metal spikes into his skin.

Shaolin monk with magical powers
Image Source: www.rayimaalnews.com

10 To end on a funny note. Try sneezing with your eyes open

This is definitely one feat normal humans can’t do. It’s virtually impossible to let fly a burst of mucous with your eyes open. History records mention one guy doing it in 1882 but his eyeballs popped out in a condition called subluxing.SO!! Please don’t try it.

sneezing with your eyes open
Image Source: www.wp.com