25 ways to explain Unexplainable Feelings


You may have experienced any of these or you are currently experiencing it; it may be someone you know. Do not feel weird about it. Everybody has feelings they can’t relate to.

As humans, we all have feelings. Love, hate, anger, joy, and what-have-you are all feelings that we’ve come to recognize over time. However, there are many feelings we experience without any real word to describe them. These words are what John Koenig created and compiled into the “Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”.


When you realize that everyone you meet has a life of struggle and complications. A life filled with personal dreams, worries, relationships, schedules, and madness – seems your story is just one out of billions. The reality of life that makes you look like a giant reducing gradually to a minion.

  1. OPIA

Opia is the doubtful intensity of staring straight at someone which can in turn, cause feelings of invasion and vulnerability.



Monachopsis is the gentle but persistent feeling that one does not belong.

  1. Énouement

Énouement is the bittersweet feeling of experiencing the future but unable to remember the past life.

  1. Vellichor

Vellichor is the unusually vague feeling of old bookshops. You feel like you are around books which you cannot relate to because they contain ancient thoughts of old authors.

  1. Rubatosis

Rubatosis is the weird consciousness of your heartbeat.

  1. Kenopsia

Kenopsia is the creepy, sad awareness in a place that used to be filled with people but is now quiet and deserted.

  1. Mauerbauertrautigkeit

The unexplainable desire to stay away from people, including the people you care for.


  1. Jouska

A conjectural conversation that unavoidably fills your imagination.

  1. Chrysalism

The unusual calm feeling when you are indoors and there is thunderstorm; when you can comprehend the rumbling waves of rain banging your roof.

  1. Vemödalen

The annoying feeling of thinking a picture is mind-blowing when there are several others like it.

  1. Anecdoche

A conversation where everybody is saying something but nobody is paying attention to listen.

  1. Ellipsism

The sad feeling of the inability to discern the end of history.


  1. Kuebiko

When one is exhausted from acts of meaningless chaos

  1. Lachesism

The urge to be involved in a disastrous event – fire outbreak, or car accident.

  1. Exulansis

The possibility of not relating to a part of an experience because people don’t relate to it.

  1. Adronitis

A feeling of frustration when it takes long to be familiar with someone.

  1. Rückkehrunruhe

The feeling of fading memories of a very recent exhaustive trip.


  1. Nodus Tollens

When you realize that the way your life is arrangement does not make sense anymore.

  1. Onism

The frustration of not being omnipresent – not being everywhere at the same time.

  1. Liberosis

The urge to be nonchalant – not taking anything seriously for fear of losing in the end.

  1. Altshmerz

Being weary of the same recurring situations.

  1. Occhiolism

Being aware of your restricted view of life.


  1. Heartworm

The lingering memory of a friendship or relationship that ended years ago.

  1. Anemoia

A feeling of pleasure and sadness caused by remembering something from the past and wishing you could experience it again; except you never experienced it.

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