10 Celebs who are absoloutely unrecognizable without make up

10 Celebs who are absoloutely unrecognizable without make up


Every celeb spends a lot of time on stage and in the spotlight of media related events. They do look stunning don’t they when you see them pouting and cooing on the red carpet. It’s during these times they are all dolled up looking the very epitome of beauty. But!!! Don’t be fooled because these are just masks and what is actually beneath all those layers of makeup may even horrify you and make you go ughhh! Gross!! Yuck, and much more.

All these glam dolls that you see on Telly are very different when the make ups off. Take a look at ten celebs without makeup. They are absoloutely unrecognizable.

1 Britney Spears

She may have brown eyes which she highlights with makeup but when the make ups off you’ll run from the Star because her face is full of blemishes, wrinkles and discoloration. As usual like most stars she looks as if she is an insomniac. You’ll never recognize her even if she brushes against you on the street.

Britney Spears

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2 Khloe Kardashian

Now all the kardashians are glamour dolls to the core but that’s just limited by their celeb appearances. Take a look at them in reality. Will you still drool over chloe knowing she looks like this?? Wouldn’t you mistake her for the aunty next door? khloe has red skin filled with acne. In fact hats off to her makeup artist who could be the best magician in the world.

Khloe Kardashian

Image Source: www.complex.com

3 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato wouldn’t have been caught dead without make up until she gave in to fans requests. Well, although she looks just like the average American gal, she still doesn’t look as bad as our previous two.

Demi Lovato

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4 Madonna

Well, I’m sure many won’t expect Madonna to look good without makeup after all she’s crossed 50 but no one even expected to see such a drastic change. Without makeup Madonna looks like someone malnourished. Sunken cheeks, sunken eyes, wrinkles, the works …shes scary!!!


Image Source: www.funtof.com

5 Kristen Stewart

Among celebs without makeup, this is one going to shock you especially when all her fans must have had such high expectations of her natural beauty. Well remember he look after giving birth in the twilight series? One doubts if she required make up for that hideous look because that’s what she looks like in reality. Check her out.

Kristen Stewart

Image Source: www.arabyfan.com

6 Pamela Anderson

This blonde Bombshell was at one time the rage among celebrities for her well endowed vital statistics but what about her face. Well age has certainly caught up with her and there’s nothing graceful about it. Sagging skin, wrinkles and red skin. Still want to date Pamela or would you turn the other way.

Pamela Anderson

Image Source: www.starschanges.com

7 Katie Holmes

You won’t believe your eyes when you see Katie Holmes without makeup. You’ll get the shock of your life. In fact the unreal stunning red carpet look transforms into a saggy faced older lady with wrinkles and pouches under her eyes. She also looks as if she hasn’t slept in days.

Katie Holmes

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8 Mila Kunis

Here’s another perceived beauty and the glam doll of Hollywood. The red swan actress has red blotchy skin, a puffy face and huge dark circles beneath her eyes.

Mila Kunis

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9 Katy Perry

When performing in front of her fans, Katie Perry is desirable and worth drooling over but then again that’s unrealistic because when her makeup is off, it’s another story altogether. Take her look at a selfie posted by her without makeup. While she doesn’t look so bad, she doesn’t look like the stunning popstar either. Don’t want to be mobbed in the street? Simple, go without makeup Katie.

Katy Perry

Image Source: www.ytimg.com

10 Kylie Jenner

Now this is one huge transformation and a classic case of celebs without makeup. The makeup packed Kylie looks gorgeous in the limelight but take a look what happens when the make ups off. Freckles and more freckles. She’s covered in it. In fact it looks as if her face is covered in rash or something. So a prayer for makeup Kylie!!

Kylie Jenner

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